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  1. Just wanted to share this Beautiful illustration of Landlady, as a gift to me from my daughter ♥
  2. Beautiful illustration of Landlady ♥


    1. seresere


      How pretty... ^_^

  3. U2 360 Turin 06.Aug.2010 My first U2 show and it remains to the day, the most memorable day/night of my life. The whole experience of being part of the biggest show ever made was amazing.To travel all the way from Mauritius (12 hour flight to Italy) just to see U2, stunned quite a few Italians but it's the only place i had scored tickets to. Queueing up, the wait, for more than 24 hours, to end up right in front (6 Feet away) of your favourite band was priceless. Met some amazing people there. The 2 days/nights prior to the show was most probably the greatest moment for me. The night befor
  4. Somebody stepped inside your soul ♥ Little by little they robbed and stole 'till someone else was in control!

    1. Anjana


      it's your birthday! Happy birthday to youuuu

    2. Javed


      Aww thanks Anjana!

  5. Songs Of Innocence is a Masterpiece! Can't stop listening ♥

  6. Carry each other ♥

  7. What you don't have, you don't need it now...!

  8. When the soul wants.. the soul waits...!

  9. Dreaming out loud...!

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