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  1. Just to close out my experience with the pre-sales, as I could not reach u2.com by phone on the day after receiving the "here comes your code" followed by the "psych, no code for you" email, with absolutely no explanation whatsoever, I wrote U2.com via the help page, and their answer, just received, cut and pasted below, simply confirms that being a u2.com subscriber, for whatever number of years, merely places in you a lottery to get a code...and a code does not guarantee you can purchase a ticket. So, this is what happens when a group is THIS popular, can sell out any venue they want several times over, ability to attend one of their concerts is simply not a guarantee any more, no matter how loyal and fanatical a fan you might be. This degree of supply and demand also means that they can evidently test the market to see exactly how high they can raise ticket prices until people simply can no longer afford to go...obviously, there are still enough people willing to spend $325 and up for tickets that they can defer to Tickermaster, LiveNation, etc. to proceed in this manner. This is capitalism at its best, folks. For the record, here is the u2.com response to the email for help....sent four days ago: Thanks for contacting U2.com. I am pleased to be assisting you. We apologize for our late response, we have received an unusual amount of emails. We are diligently working to answer each email in the order received. So sorry to hear you received an email stating you would receive a code, then received the second email retracting the first one. Regretfully, the first email regarding the code was sent in error, then the second email was sent to correct the error made. Registering as a Verified Fan does not guarantee you will receive a code. The following was taken from the FAQs: Does registering mean I get a code? If randomly selected, you will receive a text 2-4 hours prior to the Presale or Onsale. Please note, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and getting an access code does not guarantee tickets. Our apologies for any frustration and inconvenience this has caused.
  2. My Duluth tickets through axs for section 102 (row K), which is lower level, were $329, plus just short of $50 in service charges.
  3. The math would be "interesting". 1. How many u2.com subscribers exist? 2. How many of those registered for tickets, and how many were Innocence and Experience members? 3. How many tickets were made available for the pre-sale? Has U2 gotten to a point at which there simply are too many fans who want the same thing, such that there simply were not enough seats in the arenas to allow for sending a code to each person who requested one? If this is the case, then indeed it should have been stated in LARGE print that being a u2.com subscriber, and become verified, would mean a lottery would be held, and that there were no guarantees of ticket availability. Under that circumstance, people would have understood the situation, you cannot sell more seats than exist. 4. On the other hand, was the plan to only sell a certain fraction of available seats to Experience registered members, a certain fraction to Innocence members, and then save some for general sales? It would help to have clarification as to whether it has become mandatory to be a u2.com subscriber in order to be even considered for a seat purchase, and what relationship actually exists between subscribing and being sent a pre-sale code. 5. There clearly were many, many affected by the sale process, As I posted earlier, I was among the 2000+ who evidently received the initial email on Monday night indicating a code would be sent, then two hours later a followup email saying "never mind, no code for you" with absolutely no explanation. I did today receive my Experience code, no doubt would have had better seats had I been able to order at 10 a..m. yesterday instead of 1 p.m. today, but I do appreciate what I am sure reflects the efforts of the mods (I PM'd Max yesterday with the pertinent data requested as to screen name, U2.com status, etc.). 6. Sure appears that concert ticket prices have skyrocketed, many will no longer be able to attend concerts, unless they wish to forsake rent payments or food purchases in order to afford tickets. Supply and demand, basic economics, will only get worse with time.
  4. As someone who also was verified in the "Experience" group after many years of u2.com membership, I appreciate the posts on this thread. At the least, it should have been made completely clear that the "Verified" status was going to lead to a lottery. Secondly, it was a terrible mode of doing business to send an initial email Monday at 10 pm indicating a code would follow and then two hours later receive the second email which basically said "never mind" without any explanation whatsoever. The final point is the nauseating finding of many tickets already showing up at extraordinarily high prices on the secondary sales sites. Obviously the attempt to use a "Verified" system to separate true fans from entrepreneurs was unsuccessful. Well, if I don't see a show, I will live, there are bigger problems in life. However, I share the sense of true disappointment in terms of how this was handled start to finish, a poor reflection on the group. If they are aware of the problem, it certainly would have been good PR to at least have sort of reference to it at u2.com, aside from the forums.
  5. Misery loves company...I have been a u2 subscriber since 2005 or so, hardly as long as many, was able to purchase tickets at that time for the Vertigo tour. They have not been playing at venues anywhere near me since, so I was truly looking forward to seeing them in Duluth. Guess I did not win the lottery, I also got the 10 pm email last night confirming I'd be receiving the Experience group code, two hours later the second email indicating that I would NOT receive it. I called u2.com today to obtain understanding as to what had transpired, also reached busy signals the first 100 times I called, finally reached a woman who offered a u2.com refund, not what I was looking for. So, now I am registered for the general sale next week, but I am guessing that this group is so popular, that I will have a snowball's chance in hell of being able to purchase a ticket. Really sad to see tickets already posted for sale at stubhub for $350 minimum near the ceiling, and $600 to over a thousand for GA or better seats. Well, if this group is so popular that they cannot guarantee a pre-sale ticket sale to all of their fans, then so be it. But this definitely diminishes my respect for U2 and the ticket sale process. I have PM'd Max per his suggestion, but made it clear I have no expectations for magic to happen.
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