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    Tie between Achtung Baby and No Line On The Horizon
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    Popmart Tampa 10 November 1997
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    360 Tampa 9 October 2009
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  1. keith360

    Be kind

    Brilliant. I love this.
  2. keith360


    Awesome picture and incredible cake. Happy Birthday!!!
  3. I'll be up with the sun...

  4. Very, very cool. Thanks for posting this. Love the fact that a movie story I came into the world with will follow me throughout my life and for generations to come. It would be a horrible shame if the kids of today, and of the future, were not able to enjoy it as they grow, too. PS: How do I get the U2 smilies to show up on here? I saw the complete smilie list but there were no keystrokes or a way to click on them? Thanks, Good Night
  5. Excellent. That is awesome to hear. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Much appreciated, Xalira. Very, very, very cool interview.
  7. Yes, if anyone has video, that would be appreciated. I, too, was wrapped up with family when Bono and Edge were on and missed them altogether. I was hoping they would be on later and I would be able to catch them live. Happy New Year, fellow Zootopians! God Bless!
  8. Thanks for the info on the Starbuck's CD. I was able to find a brand new, in the wrapper copy on eBay. Very excited about having my own copy of that song. Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. Glad you posted this question. I'm actually looking for the song, too. I absolutely love U2's version. I've been searching for the past year and can't find it. I bookmarked the video on here so that I can watch/listen to it whenever I want. But, I too would love to be able to listen to it on my iPod or have it on CD. Would be grateful if anyone knows how to get a copy of it. Much appreciated.
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