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  1. That's awesome!!! When did you start running and training?
  2. It was in the news just this week that bras don't support anything and may in fact make our boobs less strong because they don't have to bounce back for themselves. Or something like that. Someone get a barrel. It's burning time!!! Are we done here yet folks?
  3. scout6


    Emotive, you are. I'll hear you emoting from across a crowded stadium before a U2 concert some day and I will be like a homing pigeon. I will push my way through crowds of people to the expressive dude in the room. And I'll be like "Hey man. Good to finally meet you" and you'll be like "SCOUT. It's SO GOOD to meet you TOO." And you can emote all you want because although I type a lot, I'm actually quite quiet in person. Actually, I hope there's a pile of us in a big group and then I'm just going to sit back and love listening to you all banter and carry on. It's going to be fantastic. We
  4. WTF happened here in 24 hours?! Gee-zus and Christina and Sacray Bloo!!! This little blog lit up. Chicken Frick! Beans and Rice! Frack Frack Frack! (for all you Battlestar Gallactica fans) Oh my Gods! If I'm honest, and I am, I had a worse potty mouth at 13 than I ever did at any other point in my life. So I'm not too worried about some kid reading our words in here. As to the original mishap, I like Liljbau's offering of mapaternity. Oh no wait, was that what you suggested? mapaternalistic? Something like that. It made me laugh out loud. Leeny, let's be clear. When you say I have
  5. Thank you so much Big Wave. All we need is a corner in the virtual house. Thanks for getting us heard.
  6. Thanks for advocating for this
  7. When I took my current job in March 2011, I was really nervous that I wouldn't be allowed to take time off to travel to the 360 concert in Edmonton (Edgemonton) that June and as you may all recall, that concert was a year put off already because of Bono's bad back so I'd already had my hopes dashed once. It was hard waiting the extra year. Anyway, then I had to travel to near Edmonton the week of the concert for training and I was worried they'd make us stay late or go into evening workshops and I was dying inside thinking I'd be so close to the concert and have to miss it. I took a ch
  8. It looks like summer. Is that summer in Ireland? Forget Bono, it looks like summer. I froze my ass off again today here.
  9. I just put in my best friend's name Susie and I'm laughing with tears running down my face. She's going to find this site very funny. Thanks for sharing the fun.
  10. Shannon Irish for little wise owl (I frickin love owls) someone who is beautiful, inside and out. she's down to earth and crazy but you can't figure her out, which makes you love her all the more. she's also fun and funny and someone you can defiantly trust. they usually have red or dark hair and have beautiful natural highlights that others have to buy in a bottle. they are truly a unique person and one of a kind She is a rockstar in bed, there is nothing she won't do or try......She will leave you begging for more (ahem, well ahhhh )
  11. I'm sorry to hear about the neighbour. Some days the news of the world and community weigh heavily on us. I can hear it in your writing tonight and I'm sorry that you're so sad and there's no way through it but to be sad I guess. Wishing you strength and a better tomorrow.
  12. It's not fair for you to be putting those posts up because I don't go in and read them because it says not to and I know if I do you'll lambaste me with some smart alec comeback but then I see comments piling up and I'm dying to know what mischief and fun I'm missing out on. Permission to read the do not read blogs please.
  13. You know what's so funny about that? I didn't recognize Adam!!! I mean, not that I've had occasion to be recognizing any bit of him other than his face up until now, but until someone mentioned that that's what that piece of art was in the Weird Willie post, I didn't realize it was the famous album art. We're so sheltered over here eh. Ok and yes you may be right about the word patronizing. I thought that meant attending an establishment as a paying customer but it does have other meanings. Paco, so sorry things are tough. Family is a trip and I do hope that yours will come aroun
  14. I don't know what the arrow does and if I can find how to give you one I will and if not what's your mailing address? I'll send one. That was funny. I enjoyed! But seriously ... where's this arrow business? Is that the stamina? or the character or what the heck do they call it on this new configuration? Oh! celebrity status no wait .. oh reputation? Isn't it bad for a gal to have a reputation? I never look at all that stuff. I just read what you guys write for as long as it stays posted without being edited for goodness sakes. Would you rather have an atlatl? I actually have ac
  15. Well although it is a sexist term, maybe it is the word I meant without meaning to be sexist. Check out these links for definition on paternalistic HERE and HERE and HERE So not being argumentative but actually altering the conversation a bit I suppose. Language should evolve as new ideas become the norm and old ideas become less acceptable. Sexism in any form should no longer be tolerated and so if there's a gender neutral words that describes what I mean, please share because I'm a word nerd and would like to know it.
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