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  1. Oh ffs....... ok than, I love you basher yer mad Scottish barsteward. You make me laugh, and I love your honesty and I really really REALLY enjoy the way you take the weewee in your own unique way. Will that do ya then yer nutter
  2. It's good to see Kris back again too. i wont be re-subbing though till this pla-ce improves cos at the moment it is crap. It really does need a complete re-vamp. I go on a gardening forum that is much more lively than in here. It has lost it's spark. I'm the same as Dawn, only popped in cos I am going to Glastonbury and I thought there might me some news, or heads up about the Glasto gig. Obviously not. Hey ho, not to worry. It doesnt matter anyway
  3. Right I gotta go mate. Gotta get the chicken out. TTFN yer perv. Love ya
  4. Ewwwwwww I forgot about that. Was stuck there for a fortnight. Mind you, it gave the medical staff a good laugh. Never seen so many staff crammed into a cubicle before. Thought it was a bit off when that consultant filmed it all though. Luckily, your face wasnt shown but everyone at the knocking shop regocnised you from that angle. And that is a very odd angle to recognise anyone by to be honest. At least they found the toblerone that got lodged there 3 weeks earlier so a good result all round really
  5. I warned you about that before. Stick with the black mac, fez and wet celery mate. Much safer that way
  6. Ohhhh fair enough. I wondered why you were walking that that. Thought you'd farted and followed through again. Either that or yer y-fronts were chaffing again
  7. You do mate. Always the truth, no pissing about with bollocks and lies. That's why I love ya mate. Now, when is our next assignation my darling............ I yearn for you
  8. Where oh where are my Glastonbury tickets? Wish they'd send them out like NOW. I want that ticket in my little hands. So looking forward to it. So glad I decided not to go to the US for the final shows cos the Glasto one will be so much better. More intimate, and much more fun. Plus, I will have a permenant record of the whole festival when I V+ all the coverage. great chance of seeing the lads having a little wonder around as they will be staying overnight. Gonna be brilliant. Got my fab friends with me, no partner (fun times) and beer for breakfast. The plan is a goodun
  9. I am going to watch it too cos i will V+ the coverage. It's sad that Florence and the Machine and a few other bands arent playing this year but never mind. I will enjoy it no matter who is playing. It will be a much more special gig by the boys than going to a "normal" U2 gig, I feel. It will be stripped down cos they cant have all the lights and shit that they usually have, so there will be more focus on the music. Cracking, bring it on
  10. [quote name='basher1 wrote: thegrockinthefrock wrote: basher1']who in the hell woke The Grock up???????.....Dawn thats your fault that is. Oi............ i'll do you. I have been hibernating. Long time no speakie Basher, how's yer shit falling matey? same old same old matey you know me...lol.... Dont I just hahahahahahaha. You were out quick. You mus have been a very good boy to get paroled so quickly
  11. Oi............ i'll do you. I have been hibernating. Long time no speakie Basher, how's yer shit falling matey?
  12. Sounds fine Dawn. I am very sure that you are a cracking girlie so it os fine. It was just the one psycho but there is always one isnt there. Out of everyone i have met from chatting online ( and i have met a lot from all over the world) there has only been one. Everyone else are now such good, loyal, funny, suportive and totally fab people who i am proud and very privieldfed to know even if they are mad. But mad in a great way not like that one. Honestly you couldnt have made it up hahahahahahaha
  13. Thanks Dawn will check it out tomorrow. I will really believe i am going when i get the ticket in my anxious little hands.
  14. Well i will be sober driving home only i might have to find a camp site for an extra night to be sure. I am giving a friend a lift so might be able to sort something there. But he likes a little drinkie too. Still i will go with the flow cos it will be so worth it. I am up for ypur idea Dawn. Sounds fab. Always great to meet folks ans get to know them. I am a bit wary though. Met someone from an internet site who i thought was ok and it turned out she was a right nasty nutter. Jeez... You would never believe it if i told you. Total psycho she was.
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