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  1. Hello my dears,


    I come to you once again to ask for your help and escalate this message to reach the band, more precisely Bono!


    I know it's not an easy task, but I can't give up my dream.


    I have already wrote you before and also sent several letters (at the time mailing was not so known), never got a reply, but as the time goes by, I still feel inside of me that I need to insist on this, so please, let me tell you a little bit more about myself:


    My name is Patricia and I live in Brazil, São Paulo. I was born in 1982 when U2 were about to launch album "War". "Boy" and "October" albums were already out and U2 could be heard on the radios already.


    As I grew up, even living in Brazil where things are a little difficult with few infrastructure, I heard U2 on the radio for the first time when I was about 12. Achtung baby and zooropa were freshly launched and I was so excited to listen more of that sound and know more about the band's work. That's when I was introduced to "Joshua Tree", then... That was it! It was a no return path! I was in love with the band... 

    In love, but still a teenager and let's say, not much access to financial resources, but the love was growing year after year that at some stage I was known as the U2 girl. Birthdays, christmas and all the gifts were U2 related, until I completed the entire discography.


    Well, life was passing by and my love for them only increased, that was when they first came to Brazil, on 1998, bringing Pop tour. I was too young for my family standard and I was not allowed to go to the concert, for my desperate! 


    By the age of 18 I had already accomplished my english course. I used to work as a secretary and the few money I made per month, was dedicated to learn English, specifically to understand U2's lyrics and Inside my heart, maybe one day I could be able to exchange one or two words with my favorite person in the world and hero, Bono!


    At the same year, after turning 18 I had to find a job, but I was looking for a job that could have any relation to the band, like hotel reception (dreaming to attend the band some day), or working for an airline (with the same thought). After sending some resumes, I got a job at international airport, for american airlines company. For me was great even If I could not meet the band flying, I could make some money to save and maybe see the band some other country as airline tickets were cheaper to the employees.


    Well, on 2001 they came to Brazil for their second time to make a pocket show for a brazilian tv in another city ( Rio de Janeiro). I was part of a fan-club and we decided to take the bus from São Paulo (6 hours on the road) just to stay close to the band for a couple hours. It was magical to see them for the time. It was like I'd known them my whole life... I knew all their tragetory and they were part of my family. (I attach you a picture of me on that special day stored in my heart forever).


    More enchanted and happy as possible, I kept the band in my heart and was always looking for some news and each time I read something new, it was like my heart was exploding of happiness.


    Then, vertigo tour came and they also came to Brazil once again. Two concerts in Brazil and this time I could see the magic happening. Those 4 irish guys performing, I was sure God exists. I took my mother and sister with me (off course they are huge fans since U2 were all over my place as a teenager) and those were perfect days! 


    I was also growing in my career and started to get more money, still working at the airline business (switched to Swiss air). That was when album "No line on the horizon" came and I had the opportunity to see my favorite band playing in many different countries. The opening of the tour in Barcelona, 3 concerts in Dublin (took my mother and sister, pictures attached), Zurich and off course Brazil... And you all might be wondering where I want to go with this e-mail, and here is the reason why I decided to write to you again and don't give up my dream.


    On april 09th, 2011, São Paulo's concert I was there, stuck to the grid, like not possible to be different, and during the concert, a movie was passing by my head, all my tragetory with those 4 guys in my life, I knew every single particularity specifically from Bono. I feel like I knew him my entire life, when suddenly a very beautiful lady from the crew was across the grid and asked me if I was a real fan... I didn't know what to say, I was shacking and I told her: "They are my life... Everything I am today is because of them, because of Bono. I learned english to understand them (and talk to them), I got a job that could give me any opportunity to meet them and stay close to them..." After I finished taking, she said, ok, you are going up on the stage!!!! I said... Please, don't play with me... I could die here and my heart could stop! Right after that, Brian Murphy, Bono's body guard came to me and said: "Please, don't try anything, when I ask you to leave the stage, please do so"! I said... Off course! Trust me!!! There I was, on the stage with Bono, I sat by his side and he asked me to read a poem. I couldn't breathe or think. I was dreaming... that couldn't be real. I was there with Bono by my side!! He is so special, much more than I ever imagined. 


    But, here's what happened right after that... I read the poem and Bono stepped away to the other side of stage and waived at me to stay still and wait for him, but.... I saw Brian Murphy right in front of me down the stage calling me to go down... asking me to leave the stage. I didn't know what to do! Bono was asking me stay and Brian was calling me... I said, should I go?? Bono turned back And... I went! I went away from my dream... away from that hug and those 2 or 3 words I planned my entire life to say... Right after I got down, everybody around me was telling Bono was looking for me at the stage and I was simply gone!! I couldn't believe that.. that could be my moment... Of telling him how I feel, that they are my life. I have a video of that moment and I really would like you to watch it to understand better what I mean.



    I asked for a second chance to be there again just to hug him, to tell just a piece of my story and love for him. To maybe demonstrate how much love and appreciation I have for him and all of them... But, that was taken from me. I know to be on the stage with Bono is a once life time experience, but I have no idea who else could help me where else to ask or beg for a second chance. All I know is, It's been 10 years now and I can't forget about that day. I close my eyes and I still see Bono asking me to stay and Brian Murphy calling me to go away. It's a nightmare. So many years hoping and waiting for this moment and I got so close. You may think I am the sillyies person in the world, but maybe, you have no idea what it is to dream about a moment like that and suddenly somebody takes away your dream and everything you fought for in a life time.


    On 2017 I had the chance to see them live again at Joshua Tree concert in São Paulo and for my surprise I saw Brian Murphy at the red zone. I spoke to him, very quickly and said... I would like a second chance... he laughed at me and didn't see him again.


    Well, this is why I decided to write to you again and again... To have a second chance, a second chance for that hug and say my love... To thank Bono and the guys for being part of my life, for being so wonderful to the world and to me. 


    This is my dream and I will never give up! I got so close to tell Bono how I feel, and even after all those years, I know I still can... Just need to keep dreaming.


    Patricia Melina Margiotta


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