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  2. 'WHERE IN THE WORLD IS U22?' It´s in Brazil!!!
  3. A friend of mine said: "I never saw a good wallpaper of I will Follow, why don´t u create one?" I though it was a great idea and I knew that it was very hard to create cause the videoclip is too old and doesn´t have a good quality...but I got it and "I Will Follow" now has an wallpaper! www.U2wallpapers.blogspot.com
  4. Smoke Squadron is the Brazilian Air Force's air demonstration squadron.
  5. We want U2 360° in Brazil!!!
  6. He moves in mysterious ways! www.nanazoca.blogspot.com
  7. www.nanazoca.blogspot.com
  8. U2 Vertigo Tour - Brasil
  9. Happy birthday Bono!! It´s a gift from Brazil!! We love u so much!!!!
  10. This one is one of my favorites!! Happy birthday Bono!! Brazil loves you so!!
  11. Just another one!! Created by Joseph Bill and Nanazoca!! =) Happy Birhtday Bono Man!! Best wishes for you!!
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