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  1. Allegra, I'll answer here because I've already said to you that I agree 100% in this situation. But I wasn't against you in the other thread about Mexico, I'm mad just like all fans. I was just trying to be realistic but I didn't like to see that too.


    Well, I'm not a big fan of Coldplay. I think their music is good only if you want to take a nap. However, I can't deny they're working better than U2. Not only Coldplay, there are thousands of bands that are very active in the social media and not only the 'young' artists, you can find Rolling Stone, Bruce Springsteen, etc.


    I think it should have a better connection between U2.com and their social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) because we know they're in the studio only due to interviews. I think I've never seen any 'official statement' from U2. But after so long, I can see fans are getting tired... we've been hearing about a new album for a long time. And what about 'the best weeks in studio since 1979' that Bono said? It's been so long and it seems they've changed the producers and they've been working in different places, Dublin, NY, London, LA now... How many albums they will release? They must have hundreds of songs right now.


    One problem I see is that: they don't talk to fans, the approach should be more personal (fans love to feel close to the band, even if it's the staff who's posting). Like I've already said to Malahide, it would be great if they did a making of or a diary during this time in studio. Not necessarily a big thing but only to show to fans what they're doing or even this 'relaxing moment' in Mexico (they can do that preserving their privacy, it's all about the way you do). U2 should be the first to delivery news to the fans.


    Maybe when the album wil be released things could be better... but I think they're wasting time while others artists are doing a great job. Bono was so worried about being 'relevant' but they forgot that nowadays it's a different world, it's not only about a good music... Internet has an important role as well marketing, etc. U2 need to be present again in our lives, they're so distant at this time.

  2. Spicy, this week it's 'quite calm' in São Paulo... only the 'ordinary problems' of a big city.


    The bus strike is over here but it's happening now in other cities, like Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.


    There are rumours that underground (subway) will stop next week in São Paulo. So more problems are coming... and it's only 15 days until the World Cup.

  3. Do you work 24h a day / 7 days a week? No. So why do you think they would do that?


    They're the richest musicians of Ireland, they're almost 40 years in the same band... they really don't need to work.




    ps: I'm sad like all of you, of course I'm looking forward to a new album, but I'm trying to be realist not to be more upset.

  4. Are you sure you want to talk about Brazil? This country is a mess.


    There have been many protests since last year and it’s getting more often, I mean every day there is a protest and now strikes too.


    Here is a video, it is in English – so you’ll understand. It happened two blocks from my house and it’s from last week. It’s “old” since we’ve faced more problems this week.



    There was a bus strike for two days this week. The only public transport available was the underground, so take a look at these images. It’s shocking that it happens very often here… the government thinks we’re animals.



    The big issue is that World Cup is coming so the things may get worse. I think foreigners already have a not so good idea of Brazil because it’s not hard to find articles about World Cup and a big butt as the cover image of the magazines, etc. Many people are coming after women, looking only for sex. And now plus violent protests and strikes. I agree government has spent billions of dollars that it should have been used for education, health, security, etc. But violence won't fix anything. Strikes only harm population who need. We don't have transport, school teachers are not working, even police is involved in strikes.

    There are so many things wrong in this country but unfortunately we don't see a future. 99% of the politicians are corrupt and nothing happens with them.

    Everyone I know share the same feeling: to leave this country. It reminded me of Ireland in the 70's when most of young people moved to another country: England, U.S. because they couldn't see a better life there. And this is happening right now in Brazil. I wish I could "restart and reboot myself" in "another time, another place".
  5. U2′s consistently striking album covers have become some of the most iconic album sleeves in the history of music.


    But iconic images don’t just happen – U2 have long relied on Irish graphic designer Steve Averill to help them construct the perfect album artwork.


    Along with his working partner Shaughn McGrath, Steve has been the creative force behind the majority of U2′s album sleeves since 1978. He’s also worked on album artwork for Something Happens, Clannad, Elvis Costello and more recently, The Script.


    Speaking to DailyEdge.ie, Steve revealed the stories behind some of U2′s most memorable album covers.






    The boy on the now-iconic is Peter Rowen (brother of Bono’s good friend, the artist Guggi) who is now an accomplished photographer in his own right.

    The band famously feared the picture would have “connotations of paedophilia” in the US, and changed to a distorted group shot. It has since been re-released with the original cover.

    Steve reckons the cover was an “unusual” move for a band just starting out:


    "I always think Boy is unusual, as it doesn’t look like a typical first album cover. We chose an iconic image, rather than a shot of the band. The cover for October looks more like a “first album cover”.






    Though the band again chose Peter Rowen to star in the cover image for their 1983 album War, it wasn’t their original intention.

    Steve recalls that they first intended to use a more obvious depiction of war for the artwork.


    "We were looking at a lot of different war images from different war photographers, trying to figure out how to best portray a war scene. Then we thought showing just one scene would limit it."

    "Then I remembered seeing this picture of children in the Warsaw Ghetto getting rounded up, and there was one boy with this look on his face, like “Why is this terrible thing happening to me?”


    Using that image as a springboard, the idea for the War album artwork was born.






    At the time the cover was shot, The Joshua Tree was tentatively titled The Two Americas. The band wanted to capture the part of the US where “nature and industrialisation meet”.

    Steve says the end photos for The Joshua Tree were the result of a “happy accident”:


    "We had stopped and shot at a ghost town in Nevada, and [photographer] Anton Corbijn wanted to shoot at Joshua Tree National Park next. It was then that the band began thinking of The Joshua Tree as a possible name for the album."

    "On the way Anton spotted this lone tree in the desert – usually they grow in bunches. We got out of the van there and then and shot the inside sleeve photograph."








    Steve considers Achtung Baby his favourite cover to work on with the band – it was shot in several different countries and used colourful images, to contrast with the black-and-white photographs on earlier covers.

    He says at this time the band were concerned about their public image:


    "People thought the band were po-face and serious, and we wanted to change that. We always wanted the cover to reflect the music inside."

    "The way we work depends on the album. Sometimes the band are very clear about what they want to do, otherwise we listen to the music and work away on concepts. They’re always great to work with. There’s always great humour, great intensity."




  6. I'd love to be part of a special pre-order for U2.com subscribers. It would be amazing if they did something really special for the fans: autographed photos or even a promo show. Hope they're reading it here...   :)


    Did you see what Coldplay just did right now? Fans can listen to the full album on iTunes before the official release.


    Of course U2 have a big staff, mkt people, etc... but they should use more social media and make a better connection with U2.com.

  7. Sorry, but I disagree.


    You can't compare U2 to those bands. They are in another level, like Rolling Stones... Bands with more than 30/40 years of career, bands who were considered the biggest in the world, bands with important roles in the rock and roll history.


    Just think they could be retired now if they want to. This would be a worse situation. But no, we've seen them working.... they spent some time in the studio in NY last year, they spent some time in the studio in London this year. Each band has a different way to work and we know U2 have their own time.


    Only to finish here, this week Adam talked about the new album in a interview for Ireland AM - TV3: "We're taking it very seriously, we don't want to put anything out until it's absolutely as good as it can be and we're hoping to have it finished before the Summer."

  8. Adam Clayton: 'My drinking made it hard for the rest of U2 to put up with me'



    U2 member Adam Clayton has opened up about how his depression led to issues with drinking.


    Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on tonight's Late Late show, he said: “From a teenager onwards I always had a low level depression."
    He explained that when he was working with the band, he was able to put it to the back of his mind - however that he also began to drink heavily.
    “When I was working and on tour I was fine.
    “My drinking increased and increased and increased and because I was successful it was covered up and taken care of.
    He added that his drinking made him difficult to put up with at times.
    “Anyone a little bit out of control and drinking too much can be difficult.
    He explained that missing a show in Australia in 1993 was a turning point.
    “That was the end of my world. The only thing I wanted to do was be in a band a perform great songs.”
    Clayton revealed that his bandmates sat him down and told him of their concerns.
    “ I don't think depression was such a big issue only it led to the drinking and the drinking worsened it.
    “I saw the guys in the band the same age as me having much more productive lives than I was.
    “I had string of failed relationships and a string of excuses as to why my life wasn’t going well and a string of excuses why I wasn’t as good a musician as I used to  be".
    He said that after meeting Eric Clapton, he was convinced that he needed to go to rehab to overcome his issues.





    Spicy, they have been working in London. At least that is what's looks like. You can find some photos of all of them going to restaurants, etc. during the last month.

    But I believe they took a break for Easter... last week Edge was spotted at Coachella and Larry in a game in NY.


    ok, thats cool...thanks for letting me know...


    what is the studio?


    anyone know what studio they are working from in London?


    I swear there was something about being in a studio in Italy a while back?



    The Church Studio



  10. Wish I was a hardcore fan. Always liked them since "With or Without You" but got sidetracked with another band. However....NOW Ordinary Love and Invisible made me become an official subscribing fan here!!!



    One day I will become a hardcore fan :-)



    Welcome!!  :)


    You can start listening to some b-sides and other songs 'not too famous' in the AUDIO section: http://www.u2.com/soundandvision/index/singles/

  11. Bono, Edge, Paul Simon and Paul McGuinness have gathered to pay a tribute to Seamus Heaney, the famous poet who died last year.


    A 16m sq work, titled “Out of the Marvellous”, which was commissioned by Amnesty International and part funded by the rockstars, will hang from the ceiling of Dublin Airport's terminal 2.


    He was a great supporter of the human rights organization for more than 30 years.


    Bono said Seamus should be an inspiration to people on their travels.


    With my life, I pass through a lot of airports. Seamus' poems are my companion on every journey... they come with me wherever I go. Now, when any of us travel - be it leaving our home, or our visitors returning to their own homes, Seamus will be there to bid us all farewell."


    Edge also said he was an inspiration to the band.


    "Seamus Heaney was an inspiration to our band - as well as to politicians, artists, dreamers and all in between, from every corner of the world. I love the idea that the words of this great poet - and Sis' beautiful tapestry - will send travellers from Ireland and beyond safely on their way 'out of the marvellous."



    More info: Belfast Telegraph



    Boys, hey U4 from U2, time to do a short, sincere youtube video to fans, you have done it before!!!...sounds like they are all getting antsy on this forum, just be honest with us, tell it how it is...we want and deserve nothing more than that...love you all to bits though

    arent they too busy working on the album ...holed up in a studio in italy?



    Spicy, they have been working in London. At least that is what's looks like. You can find some photos of all of them going to restaurants, etc. during the last month.

    But I believe they took a break for Easter... last week Edge was spotted at Coachella and Larry in a game in NY.

  13. "In 1983, The Alarm supported U2 on their War tour of the United States, the two front men, Bono and Mike Peters, have kept in touch ever since. To mark 30 years since the release of The Alarm’s debut album Declaration, Mike Peters and BBC National Orchestra Of Wales collaborated on a special concert for BBC Radio Wales Music Day 2014. All four members of U2 paid tribute to Mike and The Alarm in this exclusive video message. Introduced by Alan Thompson."


    Exclusive: New video

  14. The country of Brazil deserves a hug for greatly reducing child labor in recent years! (I read about it somewhere recently.) In childhood, a kid should have an education and should have a chance to be a kid.




    Thanks Alma!

    But we still have a long way to be a country with justice and equality for all.

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