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  1. I wrote this piece about Pop. https://www.atu2.com/news/the-vulnerable-side-of-pop.html
  2. - I believe you're rehearsing for the tour. Which songs didnt you remember how to play? Who got the worst memory? - In 1987, U2 were in the cover of TIME magazine as 'Rock's Hottest Ticket'. Would you imagine that after 30 years you'd still be at the top? What's the secret?
  3. The Joshua Tree 30 years on - How U2 conquered the world in the new issue of Hot Press http://www.hotpress.com/U2/news/The-Joshua-Tree-30-Years-On-How-U2-Conquered-The-World-In-The-New-Issue-Of-Hot-Press/19643615.html
  4. Bono talked today at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. Video: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1mnGeVDeQDZJX
  5. U2 have opened up to MOJO magazine about their reasons for suspending work on a new album to take an old one – 1987’s The Joshua Tree – out on tour. http://www.mojo4music.com/25194/u2-joshua-tree-exclusive-latest-mojo/
  6. Nathan East posted this photo with Larry after their performance at NAMM. He said it was a blast to play with him.
  7. It's very, very sad that South America was scrapped once again! I became U2 fan with The Joshua Tree, so it'd be amazing to celebrate it with the band. My heart is broken!!!!
  8. In English: http://www.nuritas.com/bono-and-the-edge-as-investors/
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    U2 RED 2016

    From the album: RED

  11. Hi guys! The Edge donated this beanie of the photo for charity. I mentioned about it in my column this week, but I’m not sure if you’re aware. The Rock’n’Roll Hat Auction will benefit the Warrington BSL Choir; their aim is to raise deaf awareness. Many artists donated their hats: Will.I.am, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, etc. The auction will take place in Manchester on Monday, but fans of all over the world can join it online. They asked me some help to spread it to U2 fans. So, please share it with your friends. It’d be great if a die-hard fan could buy it, right? Thanks! https://www.simoncharles-auctioneers.co.uk/lots/1375677/THE-EDGE-BEANIE-HAT
  12. The Edge last night at BIMM (The British and Irish Modern Music) ceremony in Dublin. Photos: https://twitter.com/alltvvins/status/794608242970214400/photo/1 and https://twitter.com/ruthlessimagery/status/794603561627873280/photo/1
  13. Proud of Bono! http://www.glamour.com/story/women-of-the-year-bono
  14. Happy birthday, dear Larry!!! Here is my contribution... I wrote a small piece about him, something personal. https://medium.com/@febottini/its-all-about-drums-888c46f619a7#.3wxrpsdsz
  15. Let's vote on U2: - Best Live Act: http://www.qthemusic.com/16903/q-best-live-act-q-awards-2016/ - Best Act In The World Today: http://www.qthemusic.com/16899/q-best-act-in-the-world-today-q-awards-2016/
  16. OMG, now Bono is confirmed again! http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/danai-gurira-bono-justin-trudeau-to-headline-poverty-is-sexist-talks-in-montreal
  17. Sorry, but Bono won't be attending this concert. The Montreal Gazette made a mistake. You can check the article: http://montrealgazette.com/entertainment/music/bono-usher-half-moon-run-grimes-to-appear-at-bell-centre-concert It was updated with ONE Campaign spokesman saying that Bono won't be there. Anyway, it's a very good cause!
  18. Hi, thank you so much Anj! Miss you! The news was updated today with Brian Boyd's article on Irish Times. He shares more details about the tour.
  19. I moved 2 months ago and I changed my address in the account info at that time. Today I received the email that my gift was shipped but it says it was to my old address. But my new address is here, I just checked it right now. What can I do?
  20. Hi Rubem, I'm afraid they can't see your message but it'd be amazing! I know about your work, Barretos Hospital is remarkable for cancer treatment in the country. I'm sure the all staff is doing a big effort to keep giving treatment to all those people who need. As a Brazilian, I thank you for that. Hope you can find a way to have more donors. Good luck!
  21. U2 show to go ahead "After initial speculation today that U2 would have to cancel the opening night of their first tour in four years, RTÉ TEN has received official confirmation from a U2 spokesperson that the band's Vancouver show will go ahead as planned. The band will attend the funeral and then travel to Vancouver by private jet." From: RTE TEN
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