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  1. Bono in Berlin - ONE event

  2. Adam is in Brazil again!

  3. I´m in the article section

    1. xtraspicy62
    2. febottini


      Click in the link ARTICLES, it´s the first one about U2.com prizes.

  4. Fed up with false friends!

    1. monica martino
    2. xtraspicy62


      me too...


      when i was homeless recently, and been in living hell...all my friends got lost.


      the Sargent is the only real true friend Ive ever known.


      fierce man who loved me unconditionally.


      rescued me, and would do it again in a heartbeat.


      A true hero.

  5. Fed up with false friends!

  6. Happy Birthday Ali!

    1. Anjana


      Happy Birthday Mrs B! Diamonds and a ring of gold time!

  7. It´s a long way to the top if you wanna rock´n´roll

  8. U2 itens - auction in Dublin

  9. Angry with some U2 fan sites

    1. xtraspicy62


      why? whats happening? send me a pm

  10. Adam: The best 360 shows were at South America!!

  11. Spider-Man: Bono and Edge will attend trial

  12. Bono in London!

    1. Anjana


      Where? And will he get on a train and come see me?!

    2. febottini


      He visited Prime Minister David Cameron and at night he´s been at a tribute to Brian O´Driscoll. I´ve posted photos in the gallery.

  13. Happy St. Patrick´s Day!

  14. Video: Bono at TED 2013

  15. Happy birthday Adam!!

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