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  1. Hi guys!


    The Edge donated this beanie of the photo for charity. I mentioned about it in my column this week, but I’m not sure if you’re aware. The Rock’n’Roll Hat Auction will benefit the Warrington BSL Choir; their aim is to raise deaf awareness.


    Many artists donated their hats: Will.I.am, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, etc.


    The auction will take place in Manchester on Monday, but fans of all over the world can join it online. They asked me some help to spread it to U2 fans. So, please share it with your friends. It’d be great if a die-hard fan could buy it, right? Thanks!





  2. Source: atU2.com (thank you Fe for reporting the good news)



    Posted: August 03, 2016

    By: Fernanda Bottini

    Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton visited Valencia, in Spain, to attend a friend’s wedding last week. They were spotted at restaurants and took many photos with fans and hotel staff.


    U2 en España met the band there and shared some big news. About Songs Of Experience, Bono said, "It’s not finished yet but you will like it. In terms of lyrics it is stronger than War, it has more clarity."


    About the Innocence + Experience Tour, "the second part of the tour is for 2017," Bono said. "You might see a few things in September or October though."


    Adam, who also was asked about the new album and tour, said, "Soon, in the next six months."


    U2 will headline the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept. 23 and perform at Dreamforce on Oct. 5. Let's wait to see what's coming at these two events.


    Hi, thank you so much Anj! Miss you!


    The news was updated today with Brian Boyd's article on Irish Times. He shares more details about the tour.

  3. Hi Rubem,


    I'm afraid they can't see your message but it'd be amazing!

    I know about your work, Barretos Hospital is remarkable for cancer treatment in the country. I'm sure the all staff is doing a big effort to keep giving treatment to all those people who need. As a Brazilian, I thank you for that.

    Hope you can find a way to have more donors. Good luck!

  4. Any word on how Larry Mullen Sr.'s passing going to affect Larry and the band for these shows? 

    My deepest condolences to poor Larry  :(


    U2 show to go ahead


    "After initial speculation today that U2 would have to cancel the opening night of their first tour in four years, RTÉ TEN has received official confirmation from a U2 spokesperson that the band's Vancouver show will go ahead as planned.  
    The band will attend the funeral and then travel to Vancouver by private jet."
    From: RTE TEN

    The same thing here in Brazil - indeed all South America.


    It's really really bad to live in Southern hemisphere... we've been always excluded.  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(


    Erm...you've just hosted the WORLD CUP...and about to host the OLYMPICS? DEAR FECK! :D

    Lighten up.

    They haven't played in Belfast for 18 years - your country has enough to be getting on with. Dont you think?


    Some people need to wise up!  :P



    But you can go to Dublin in a fast travel by train, right?  ;)


    Unfortunately, World Cup didn't bring much benefits. We only have more stadiums now but nothing's better in infrastructure. Besides I guess it made corruption bigger.

  6. Jaime, what’s your problem with me? We’re not friends but you always find a way to send me lots of messages in social media, even in my personal email. PLEASE, stop following me everywhere if you don’t share my point of view. I’m not asking everyone to think like me and I’m sick of this pursuit.


    I’m not really interested in your life, in what you do, but if you’re rich and live in USA good for you. Have a nice concert but I’m afraid you’re in the wrong thread. Sorry if I can’t afford to travel abroad, my country is in an economic crisis – recession - you should use your time to read about international news and don’t waste it with me, a poor Brazilian fan. You don’t know anything about me, my life and my country but you’re always bothering me with hard criticism. Once again, please stop! That’s the end of this conversation, if you continue I’ll block you (again) and make a report.


    Koke, let’s keep talking about the real subject by PM. Sorry for this, BigBunny and others.
  7. Depends on SOE a bit doesn't it? If Edge said 18 months to finish it, would that be mid-tour or post-tour?


    They didn't come to South America during Elevation because it was an arena tour, just like I&E now.


    Even in the 360, which was a stadium tour, it was a completely different show here.


    So, it's not the same. It never is because we're never in their first thoughts. We're the "rest of the world". If you're not rich, no matter how much fan you are... that's what makes me sad because I'm aware my dreams won't come true.

  8. I wouldn't trade seeing them in an arena, but I have to say that the stadium shows on the Vertigo Tour were amazing (ie. better than the arena shows).


    The thing is: I've never had the chance to choose. They've never played in arena in Brazil. I've been only in stadiums shows and I know how things are here, it's always a mess, it's not organized. Because they dont come here very often the shows are sold out in hours, it comes fans from all Latin America and if you want to be close to the band in GA, you have to camp outside the stadium about 10 days before the show or even more. It's insane!

    I said in 'My U2 Playlist' that was posted in U2.com that my dream was to go in an arena show, maybe in another country, to have this different experience and to be able to be close to the band at least once in my life. That's why I'm truly sad because I can't afford now with tickets/hotel/flight/renew my subscription... it's too much. I'm devastated because this is probably the last tour, so no more chances for me to make my dream come true.  :(

  9. I know but it's not the same. It's always a mess, it's not organized... full of problems. And in a stadium it's completely different, it's another kind of show and just like I said, we don't have the opportunity to be close to the band.

    I'm truly sad. The "rest of the world" should deserve more respect. It's not easy to live here, everything is much more expensive for us... it's harder to be a fan here than anywhere else.

    I wish I could travel to U.S. or Europe but it's too expensive, specially the flight... U$1 = R$3 for me, sadly no way.

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