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  1. Graacc_2012_ingles.jpg



    Inspired by Bono´s birthday, as well as his humanitarian work, ULTRAVIOLET-U2, the Brazilian U2 fan club, is promoting its SEVENTH  fundraiser for GRAACC, a hospital that treats children and teenagers with cancer.


    In 2006, soon after the Vertigo Tour Shows in Brazil, ULTRAVIOLET-U2 decided to pay tribute to Bono on his birthday. There was the possibility of taking part in international campaigns such as "Build a Well", but the fan club opted for a local institution instead. Since then, every May we have been collecting funds among U2 fans and donating to the hospital.


    GRAACC is an institution that treats children from all over Brazil for free. It´s always investing in the most advanced medical treatments and techniques, thus the reason why it was chosen as the fan club tribute to Bono.


    Visit GRAACC´s website:


  2. Thanks for this information. Everyone had already thought they were in the studio.
    Dallas is a trustworthy guy. Maybe the person who wrote the message on Interference made a mistake... a misunderstanding.
    Actually, I got the news from U2Place´website.
    Thanks again! I´ll share it with my friends here in Brazil.
    Let´s keep in touch wink.gif

  3. Today I´ve posted 2 differents news on the Ultraviolet-U2 Fan Club Brazil´website.


    The first is about someone who posted on Interference and told his friend is in Dublin right now. In the last saturday, he could talk to Dallas and he said U2 were in Hanover Quay:




    The second is about an article which mentioned Danger Mouse as the producer of the U2´s new album:



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