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  1. I just think it's a whole... this is part of the job. Sure their priority is music but once and awhile it'd be good.

    Moreover they don't need to do it themselves, that's why they have a team/staff to work for them. Most of the social media are not updated by the artists but by their employees.

    Have you seen what Coldplay or more recently Foo Fighters did when they announced their albums? They all used a lot their social media and site and honestly that's why I think U2 should do it too. As a fan and professional, I don't think it's a silly thing... if they include the intense use of these tools in their new album's strategy, it'd be very good for them.

  2. I agree with you in parts. The main question is which is their goal. They said about the young audience in the past but we don't know if they still want to reach it... we know they've been changing their minds a lot over the years. Despite I think providing content - via site or social media - is not only related to a young audience. It's easy to find many groups and artists, some older than U2, using those tools to communicate with fans. I like when Sherry mentioned Zoo TV because they could explore the new tech at that time, they knew how to use it and it was great. Of course it was a different background and it doesn't seem the following tour will be so big as 360 - people are talking about arenas right now - and besides I agree the music is more important than everything else (I'd love to see a performance of the band in a small place with a small audience) but at this point there is no how to ignore all these things. It's part of the marketing, as you said, but for me it's also more than that... you don't need only to 'sell' something but you can provide content and create relationships with the fans. Music is not rational, it's about feeling.

  3. "Over the years, it feels like U2’s relationship with their fans has shifted from being intimate and authentic to more corporate and distanced. This does not bode too well if they are looking to capture a younger audience. Sure, the band members seem to be a bit more open to the social media selfie, but official use of their social media platforms is still quiet."


    You can read the all text written by Sherry at @U2: http://www.atu2.com/news/column-off-the-record-vol-14-631.html

  4. It's all about love!

    However to make your dreams come true you'll need some money for sure... otherwise you can feel frustrated sometimes when you can't buy a deluxe version of an album or when you can't travel to go to a show, etc.

    But your feeling about the band, your emotions are the most important things. You don't need to prove anything to the others, just be honest with your heart.

  5. Thanks Peter. :)


    One more thought about the speculated title 'Sirens': another reason I personally wouldn't like it as a title - in addition to what I mentioned b4 about it making me think of ambulance & police car sirens which are negative, sometimes tragic things - it also makes me think of the word 'Silence,' which is the last thing U2 fans want from U2!


    I keep saying the names of the other U2 albums over out loud to myself - & then I say 'Sirens' - and I just like the other ones much more.


    I thought I was the only one who didn't like that name  :P

  6. A nice review of the U2's historic performance 29 years ago on July 13th.




    "U2 formed in Dublin as teenagers in 1976. Between 1980 and 1985, they released four albums (Boy, October, War and The Unforgettable Fire).
    On July 13th, 1985, seemingly every major rock act on Earth played the Live Aid concert for African famine relief, hosted primarily in Philadelphia's JFK Stadium and London's Wembley Stadium and broadcast to over a billion people worldwide. Backstage at Wembley, U2 met some of their heroes, including Pete Townshend, David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Muhammad Ali. Freddie Mercury flirted with Bono, who was previously unaware that the Queen singer was gay.
    U2 hit the stage in London at 5:20 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (12:20 p.m. on the East Coast of the States); they had a 20-minute slot between Bryan Adams and the Beach Boys (both performing in Philly). After being introduced by Jack Nicholson ("a group that's never had any problem saying how they feel"), U2 kicked off their set, which they intended to be three songs long, with 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.'"
    Then Rolling Stone explains with details what happened in every minute of that performance and the reaction of the band and the consequences of the day to U2's career. Nothing really 'new' to us but it's good to remember ;)





    Yes, when I'm in my account page I can see my birthday. But in my profile here in the Zoo it's written age / birthday unknown. It's hard to understand how this happens.


    And about @U2, I've joined the staff in January and all I can say is that they (we) are very organized. People are committed with this work and you all know we don't earn any money.


    It seems that birthday dates have all disappeared from the Zoo side of things in members profile data (just checked a few accounts at random) - this may be a temporary thing, will try to find out. 



    Thank you, BW.

  8. Spicy,


    Yes, when I'm in my account page I can see my birthday. But in my profile here in the Zoo it's written age / birthday unknown. It's hard to understand how this happens.


    And about @U2, I've joined the staff in January and all I can say is that they (we) are very organized. People are committed with this work and you all know we don't earn any money.

  9. An interview with the sound engineer Andy Munro, who worked with U2 and many more artists.


    You can see below what he says about the recordings of The Joshua Tree:



    "Tell us about Windmill Lane Studios and your involvement with it? Was The Edge tough to please?
    Windmill Lane was one of those great, iconic studios and it is inextricably linked with U2 for many reasons that are linked to life in Dublin. I got involved in the early Eighties when the studio was in need of some acoustic upgrades and then U2 demanded a bigger room to record The Joshua Tree album. We built a new recording room that was very lively and upgraded the control room for more equipment and better monitoring. I remember a meeting with the band and producer Daniel Lanois prior to the building work and I was made to understand that this was in no way going to be anything but the most brilliant studio. No pressure then! In more recent times, I worked with Edge to design a new studio for U2 as their own place, not Windmill Lane, was scheduled for redevelopment. That project got canceled due to the financial crash in Ireland and everywhere else so we quickly put up a new studio room in the old building and away they went with another big album. I remember going over to New York to speak to the band in between massive shows at Madison Square Garden and everything was a bit mad at the time with banks crashing, but the gigs would have sold out 10 times over."



    You can read the full interview in the Rolling Stone India

  10. Belgium - Russia 1 - 0

    Korea - Algeria 2 - 4

    USA - Portugal - 2- 2


    Tonight : Australia - Spain

    Holland -Chile

    Croatia - Mexico

    Camerun - Brazilia


    Anything could happen !!!



    Hey Febottini!!! What season is it there : Autumn, winter ? What temperature-values are there recorded? What's it like in the summer ? isn't Sao Paulo near the Amazonian Tropical Forest ? Or is it closer to the Atlantic Ocean-Coast ??? Isn't The Hydro-Power-Plant Itaipu supplying 90% of Sao Paulo's electricity ?


    Please NO Fahrenheit for the temperatures, only Celsius !!!


    It's autumn here right now. The thing is that Brazil is very big and each area is very different. I live in São Paulo (southest) and last week was cold... about 15. C. Manaus, in Amazonas, is in the north of the country and it's always hot and humid. The temperature there was about 30. C.


    If it helps you, here is a map with states and capitals:



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