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  1. I have re-fallen in love with "Always."  The different tones of Bono's voice is perfect.  Edge drives a great guitar melody and his background vocals are sweet. Adam and Larry laid their parts perfectly.  I had the song for years but can't remember how I got it.  It is set in a good position on the 25th Anniversary of ATYCB making it a more complete album.  Get off your holy cloud.

    1. alexisaurus


      I like it more than the evolved Beautiful Day, myself.  Maybe because it is not overplayed? But probably because it is right before my top-5 favorite Big Girls on the 7 disc.

    2. sthall


      I don't compare it to Beautiful Day either.  It is nice to find these hidden gems that didn't make the standard album.  "Waves of Sorrow" is another gem.

  2. If people understood good music, U2 would be winning a lot of Grammies now. Too bad the industry has turned to the teenager demographic. The music I am hearing during the Grammy Awards is sad and not new. A Grammy means nothing to me.
  3. I got mine today. Happy to see a song from a concert that I attended. I've been listening to it non-stop today. Awesome package with the pics and sound quality. of the tunes.
  4. I might wear a red flag in honor of Red Flag Day. jk
  5. Picture is self-explanatory.
  6. Does anyone know the details of why Bono's life was hanging on by a thread last Christmas? He seemed unenergetic when I saw them on tour last August. I guess it was a heart-related incident but I have no proof. I scoured the Internet and this forum but did not see any details. If he wants to keep it private, that is fine but some of us may want to know how we can pray for him. The new album touches on it in trace amounts.
  7. I always wished U2 would do a cover of The Clash's Armagideon Time as a special non-album single for the benefit of their charities. The lyrics fall in line with what they promote for underdeveloped, poor countries.
  8. It was good at the time but did not have longevity like their other albums.
  9. sthall


    Whatever happened to the song "Soon" which was played (recording) on the NLOTH tour? I liked it and thought it would appear on the new album or deluxe edition. It had potential. I can only find a partial rendering of it.
  10. ELEVATION---get it in the playlist especially for the last night in Chicago.
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