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  1. Red Zone #1 13th Dec 2010
  2. Red Zone #1 Monday 13th Dec. 2010
  3. Hey Bajagirl I had the same issue yesterday. Post #436 is from me, yet is has me as zoejones86 Whenever I clicked on "my account" my info was there but on every other part of the website, each time I refreshed the page I was a different username. I am a web developer and I think I know what the issue is,message me if you have any questions. My suspicion was kind of confirmed when changing my password and logging back in resolved the issue. Thanks noted, we know the issue, just trying to identify who its still happening too-Baja
  4. Out of all the possible support acts in the world Jay Z *sigh*
  5. Hey Steelerfan, Thanks for the warm welcome to my first post I found some confusion as TM says they're the only ones selling them, however there's a post on this forum that says: " RED ZONE tickets will be available via auction and are NOT part of the pre-sale allocation" So its not actually an auction at all ?
  6. I seems by looking around the website that "Red Zone" tickets are sold via auction.For Syd/Bris/Melb does anyone know the answers to these questions?*When and where are the auctions held?*Is it before or after pre-sales?*How much would one expect to pay for a ticket?Sorry if its been answered elsewhere.
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