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  1. It's been pretty much those two only so far, they did do black hole sun one night as well as rainy night in soho. It would be good to do something a little different for Dublin but from my experience over the years the intro/start would be the same as the rest of the tour

  2. Really good article here on rolling stone as they continue to hype the tour!


    I found this question and answer interesting: 



    I'm looking at a seating chart now. Is the B Stage in the shape of a tree?

    Oh, is that a commercially available seating chart?

    Yeah, it's on Ticketmaster.
    [Laughs] Oh, OK, gosh. Yes. If it's on Ticketmaster, I don't mind telling you. We're still kind of working that out, but the shadow of the tree is on the pitch.



  3. Hey guys, I rang this number 001-8558675297 and got sorted with a new code after a while and got tickets for Saturday. I PM'd Max to remove me off the list


    Forum mods - thanks for your work on this, the only place on the web were anyone seems to be communicating on the issue. 

  4. someone up there likes me!!!! I spent the morning making sure credit card was ok verify code etc etc,only when i went through process my card was blocked after 3 attempts,verify code was wrong after i made sure through bank it was ok. i had to start all over again and miracuously 2 ga's appeared and confirmed, who said bono wasnt god :)  :D  :rolleyes:

    To confirm your code worked and you got tickets?! Fair play!

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