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  1. Ok, that’s clear. But we can wait to resubscribe until the European presale starts?
  2. Ok, that’s clear. But we can wait to resubscribe until the European presale starts?
  3. Thanks Max. But what should I link my account to? No the US ticketmaster, as you pointed out in your reply to my first question.
  4. Three questions that I can't find a clear answer to ... 1) When in Europe, do we also have to connect to a US ticketmaster account? 2) Is pre-ordering the album the only way to get presale codes here in Europe? Simply renewing my subscription for € 50 is not enough? I don't need physical copies of the album, I only stream audio these days, so I really don't need to buy the album. 3) In Europe, is pre-ordering the album enough to get a presale code? Or do we also need a a subscription? Combining question 2 and 3, the worst case scenario leads to € 70 investment just to get a pres
  5. As of right now nothing has been confirmed... Once the information appears in the homepage, the tours section and here, then it would be the moment in which it will be confirmed... If there are Dublin shows, be certain that all the procedures for any possible presale will be posted in the site and in the board... please have patience, exercise any and all caution and wait for the official information (if indeed there is reason to have it)... I call this a confirmation: http://www.u2.com/news/title/coming-home/news/
  6. Now that it has been confirmed that there will be shows in Ireland in November, questions arise ... I did usse my code but this was back in 2014. Will new codes be made available? Surely most people have used them by now, and even the Irish folks will probably have used them for the UK gigs. Options: a) It will be tough luck if you've already used your code, even if you're Irish b ) A geographical split will be made, and those who are registered as Irish will get a new code c) Only the "Experience" members will receive new codes d) Everyone receives new codes e) ... Time will t
  7. I'm trying to get tickets for Amsterdam 9/9 but the ticketmaster site will not accept my presale code, says it's invalid. Tried copy-pasting, tried typing ... both numerous times. What to do? Ticketmaster NL iis now closed for the weekend and they can't help me out. And by the time the weekend is over, general sale will commence. Besides, pre-sale ends tomorrow at noon! What to do? Please help!
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