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  1. Beyond grateful! Thank you SO much! I'm basically a total freak and in tears I'm so happy! I'll stop bugging ya now :). Thank you!!!
  2. I should probably delete chain so I don't confuse others...worrying it's sold out? so sorry!
  3. I feel like a nut! Ha! I can't believe I didn't think to do that! I'm so sorry to post this. I got them using a different browser. Thank you SO much!!!!
  4. Thank you for checking! I just checked again and won't work for me
  5. Hi logged into Ticketmaster without a problem literally the minute the presale for the Innocence group began. I put in my code without a problem. I tried to purchase two GA tickets and it said "Error. Try again later." I've tried several times, refreshed and tried other seats and it says the same error code. When I try to do it on my Ticketmaster app it said "no tickets available." I can't imagine every presale GA ticket, or every presale ticket would be sold out barely 1 minute into the Innocence presale group? Any help or input from anyone would be greatly appreciated it! This exact
  6. Oh bummer! Does that mean the public sale will more than likely be sold out?
  7. Hi Max! Does that mean if he joins now he can still do Kansas City? It's 435 our time.
  8. Hi friends...so stupid question...is the presale (specifically for KC) officially closed? My boyfriend wanted to join to get us tickets. I didn't know if he joined today if he could do the presale in the wire group? We're desperate for floor! Thank you!!! Kelly
  9. Thank you...I'm confused though because I haven't event attempted to order through ticketmaster yet. I assumed my group would be tomorrow am? The U2 website under my account info is where I'm showing the access code as crossed out. Not sure why that would be happening on the actual U2 site?
  10. Hi all! I used 3 out of 4 of my allotted tickets for the Chicago shows. I should be able to purchase one more. I was in the "Wire" group last time. I continue to check the website and under my account, where the access code box is, it has my code but there's a line through it. I want to buy a GA for KC's show and so worried I won't be able to! I haven't received any emails from U2 letting me know my code or when I can order, etc. Any ideas on what the scoop is? Thank you!!
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