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  1. it's truth, you should have seen my face then.
  2. I'm wondering if somebody has noticed a "MISS YOU SUGAR" inscription at the underside of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb? I found it about three months ago when I was cleaning all CDs and it made me smile. It's probably dedicated to Bono's father, isn't it?
  3. You can run from love And if it's real love it will find you.
  4. i'll 'sacrafice' my whole money to go to Vienna this year and maybe to Hannover also, but i wouldn't call it like that, it's choice, i won't go anywhere for summer but it's my aware choice. xdd
  5. who cares if he is a little too punchy? i mean, we love him becuase of his voice, music he creates, lyrics he writes and mostly beacuse of his soul.
  6. Milan 21.07.05 during "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For": Bono 'I dunno what I'm talking about. Excuse moi. Anyway I talk if I want to" so it's rather good attitude, he can touch if he wants to xdd
  7. it's cute i mean the whole idea, it's just... probably this video was the best way to say SORRY then and whenever. Ali looks so severe that even I think 'Have I done something wrong?' I like Edge's hat and moustache xdd and Bono is so charming, especially this bulb, aureole and... this facepalm, it's just goregeous xd
  8. Dancing Barefoot, after it The Unforgettable Fire ; )
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