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  1. Any long term fan club member like me. Thirty plus years let member lapse and than when you renewed you got out into second presage group like a new member. So thirty years of paying membership means nothing. And one else out in the cold.
  2. Anyone else forget to renew and than when you did renew you get put into second pre sale group even though you have been a over thirty year member to the fan club.

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    2. petethechop143
    3. JenniferFoort


      i decided to wait to renew till after the pre sale as I was worried this would happen as have had bad experiences with U2 admin before.


    4. Pascale72


      yep; happened to me for the previous tour... was sooo pissed! did not take the chance to renew early this time as i was worried too about u2 admin! but i can breathe now, got my tickets!

  3. Any one else forget to renew and than when you renew you get put into the second group of pre sale.

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