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  1. Hey guys! I am getting picked up at the venue and was wondering if any fans who have seen the show already could tell me around what time the show ended. I'd research it myself but I wanna void spoilers. Thanks!!!
  2. Can someone please help me? Is the four ticket limit four tickets per show or can we only purchase four tickets this whole day? I did not use my presale code, and any clarification would aid me.
  3. If I did not participate in the presale, does this "four ticket limit" thing affect me in the public sale and if so how does it affect me? Can I purchase less than four tickets for each show but still purchase tickets for multiple shows tomorrow in the public sale?
  4. THIS HAS BEEN A FANTASTIC DAY. The boys are back in town.
  5. AHHHHHH THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Hello again everybody, happy to be back
  6. I think the key phrase in this is: With Edge involved, there is still plenty of guitar.
  7. YEESS IT'S STARTING AGAIN! Damn these smileys, they aren't as good.
  8. lovin' the hair, darlin. Happy Birthday!
  9. Adam will probably have enough time to change his hairstyle five more times until then! Yay! This news made my day happier.
  10. That awkward moment when Bono has been transformed into an egg...

  11. 25 It's aliiiiveee! sorta.
  12. U2 and jack white could do something interesting...
  13. I was just there and I wrote my messages! This is sad someone would do that, killing thousands of fans' joy.
  14. Happy birthday Edge! Stop igniting on fire, we want you around for a long time!
  15. I saw this in the store! I was freaking out! I bought two.
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