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  1. I didn’t have the issue but others reported it and it’s the most sensible explanation as to why this particular ticket outlet is the only one in years where you could not split your code as you wish. I’ve been doing U2 presales since the Propaganda days and since they went to the codes, people have been able to use them multiple times as long as they have not exceeded the maximum number allowed. That is also how this tour has been except for this one venue.
  2. Clearly, Singapore Sports Hub has some kind of issue where if a code is used, it’s burned. We saw this the other day when people didn’t used their full allotment, yet they couldn’t get back in. That issue doesn’t exist with other ticketing outlets.
  3. Of course, he’s free to have someone else join and purchase tickets.
  4. I’ve seen U2 multiple times on every tour since Unforgettable Fire. I did RZ for several US shows in 2017 and it was fantastic. A great way to see the show. When I arrived for the first Rose Bowl show, I was number 60 for the RZ when there were thousands of people online for GA. I did one JT17 show in regular GA and it was fine but if you are willing to pay and can get them, the RZ is absolutely worth it in stadiums. IMO the RZ was nowhere near as good in the arenas on the IE/EI tours. They were too far away from the action and the best thing to do during those shows was move around as the ban
  5. Fairly safe to say, the ticket agency is not investigating the addresses of everyone in Red Zone. The only concern would be with your credit card company, apparently the ticket service is not transmitting the address to be checked. Once the orders went through, it should be fine.
  6. I followed the advice of the mods and used the hotel address. Thanks.
  7. No, GA is likely different than RZ where it is collection at the venue the night of the show only so that issue would not come up for regular GA. Clearly, they have an error in the coding and they need to change it for RZ.
  8. And your credit card company allowed it go through with an address from Singapore and not your billing address? That seems unusual because of fraud protection protocols.
  9. Max, thanks so much. Any idea now that's reported how long it will take to correct?
  10. I'm trying to post a photo but it's too large. Says the following "Delivery method not available for your address" and then kicks me out.
  11. Yes, that is my only option. It says if you notice Venue Collection (delayed). I choose that, then get a warning that I must choose Print At Home or Venue Collection.
  12. Yes, I have an account. My info is there. It’s telling me I must have a Singapore address.
  13. No matter what, I cannot check out with the RZ tickets in my cart. Same with friends. It offers only one delivery method and then says it is invalid for anyone who doesn't have a Singapore address.
  14. I'm trying to buy a Red Zone and it says Venue Collection (delayed) as the only option. But then it says that is only available to Singapore addresses and to select Print At Home or Venue Collection, neither of which is an option. Any advice?
  15. Yes, but Red Zone is specific to U2 and there are normally hosts manning the desk for check-in at the show where they give your ticket as well as the wristband, the souvenir ticket, etc. I can't see the machines having the wristbands or the other stuff that come as part of the Red Zone package. I did not see anything specific to Tokyo but this is the language that has been on Red Zone tickets at every other venue: "Original purchaser must be present, with government issued photo ID at (RED) Zone Check-in in order to receive (RED) Zone tickets & wristbands." So are you saying that Tokyo is
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