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  1. you mean it took me this long to impress you? I must be getting old! What post number is this that I have made?
  2. See, that was fun now, wasn't it? See, it doesn't have to be a chore, this boob checking! It can be fun, exciting and very beneficial!
  3. I did. They are fine. Will you double check? Thanks.
  4. Let me double check. Always good to get a second opinion!
  5. Not clever. just smart. I'm like the bee who questioned the flower, the ant that checked the weight, the rodent that tested the food, the maggot who mourned the dead, the grape that forgot wrath, the monkey who measured the distance, the man who was out standing in his field.
  6. *shouts* Can you say that louder? I can't hear you with my synapses firing so loudly!
  7. Mr Fart to you. If you want to abbv my name (ps... why is abbreviate such a big word for words that you want to make smaller?) call me Fri. All my friends call me Fri. It's fitting too when you think it is Friday today all over the world. amazing too that it's friday everywhere except maybe in some parts of Japan....
  8. 500 goats? is this a goat counting thread. 501 goats.... they are the type of goats that wear levi's!
  9. I'd like a water please with a dash of guinness. also, can I have a toasted ham sandwich sprinkled on my salt. thank you. *sits and waits* **looks around and spots someone that's pleasing to the eye** ***stares uncontrollably***
  10. The countdown thread..... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... - Ground control to Major Tom..... Tom, we have a problem.... + a problem? - yes.... we've lost radio transmission. + radio transmission? - yes. it's the small wee box you are talking into + talking into? - yes. Major tom. + yes? + you're like an echo. shut up.
  11. 8027... there should be no reason to restart. restart is not an option. We can take it a different direction. I'll start. A
  12. 123love, you repeated number 8026... it's like an echo in here... 8026 026 26 6.... you may not get that joke. I do though and i'm laughing but that's all that matters. you shouldn't get any more tops. you have enough u2 tops. get something more classic, like a see through dress. men love that sort of thing!
  13. I don't listen to music but if I did, I'd listen to the gentle hum of the synapses between my two ears!
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