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  1. Interesting enough someone is selling their VIP book on ebay! (link removed -no ebay links please, mods) If you want a better look at it. I didn't realize that it contain a piece of stage decking on it.
  2. Mssassypants, they had a registration table for the VIPs. You walked up showed them the card you paid for the tickets with and you ID. They them gave you your badge to enter the Vip party, your tickets and food coupons. When you left the party they marked your badge and handed your book. i'm of the fence if I would do it again. I guess I would just because of the seats but everything else wasn't much of a value. They did raffle of a few gift at the party. 360 tour key chains (no one cared) and guitar strings they said that were used by the Edge. They did raffle off the key chains which put you
  3. Everybody at the VIP Party got the book. The book is numbered out of 30K. It's really nice. Overall the VIP package is hard to say it was worth it. I loved my seats and you should go into buying the VIP package thinking the seats are the only value. The pre-party was so-so. The buffet was 5 food trucks and you got 5 coupons for food. The food was single bite size. The beer and wine was fine, except the bartenders at the forum gave an awful pour. They were not getting tips so you get a half cup a full of suds. I think if they were allowed to get tipped out that night they would have cared how t
  4. Thank you for sharing airwalk74! Did you get a chance to go backstage too?
  5. I was wondering what was the VIP Gift they gave. Also, how early did you get into the area for the VIP Party and how did the backstage visitors get picked. Was there a post event party too? I would love to hear if it was worth it. I got the California Sunset Package for LA Forum. Thanks!
  6. I was surprised to see that no songs from Zooropa, No Line on the Horizon, Pop, Rattle and Hum or October made the first night of the tour setlist. I know they can't fit in everything. I just thought the setlist would cover more of discography as a whole. Love that they got in Sweetest Things. I would have love to seen Electrical Storm, Crystal Ballroom, Window in the Skies, Love Comes to Town (BB King just died), Ordinary Love or A Celebration make the setlist. It would have been great to see some of those songs get some love on tour. Setlist The Miracle (Of Joey Remone) Out Of Control/
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