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  1. Photos/video from NY2 at Madison Square Garden (just off the rail near the e stage, North Side).
  2. A smattering of shots from the rail at the first Madison Square Garden show in NYC (midway down the walkway, South Side).
  3. @clarecastro (and anyone else), the GA line goes along 8th Ave, starting from the SE corner of 8th & 33rd.
  4. Some GA details for those heading to the remaining NYC shows. I joined the GA line for both Saturday and Sunday's shows at around 11am each day and ended up being #125/130ish. There were fans running the line who gave us numbers and recorded names in a notebook. The sun is at its most brutal from about 2:30pm-6:30pm when it shines down directly on the line and there's no shade to speak of. People were cool about taking time off for shade and water breaks and then coming back to the line. Around 5:30, the MSG staff set up a few barricades and started coming down the line to make sure
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