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  1. What’s going on with the 2020 subscription gift, concert dvd? They said distribution would begin in May. Obviously there is a pandemic, but updates would be nice

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    2. OB


      I was wondering the same thing. The way U2.com deliver the gifts, I just hope it comes before Xmas. Yep, is that bad. 

    3. J.Melrose


      To be honest, the fan club management isn't known (to me, at least) for being great on communication. Our family is supposed to move soon and I'm not able to get any response to a request for a shipping address change, no idea if the shipping will happen.... nothing.  Not having a presence on the internet isn't part of the social distancing prevention plan.  

      Also, couldn't they provide us a download of the show, and (even better, in my opinion) the audio files as MP3s for us to enjoy?  I asked but I got, as I kinda expected, no reply. 

    4. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Re Requests and contacting the customer support service: This, from the FAQ on the help page:




      Due to the growing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and the multitude of event changes that have resulted, we are experiencing extremely high contact volumes. Please note, at this time, email support and phone support is not available. We appreciate your understanding during this time.


      Re U2.com providing something extra: Currently, you can watch the stream on demand for the duration of your 2020 subscription on https://www.u2.com/stream/LiveInBerlin

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