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  1. 47839 hey Kerttuli!! how's life treating u?
  2. 47839 sorry screwed up the counting (again)
  3. 47837- CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get me some Barbara!!!!!!!! and finally we r on at the same time yay
  4. 48681- hey all, howz life treating u? just dropping in as my account is sent to expire in 29 days...:'(((((((((((( Anywho, 2day i am meeting with some friends from school at a local ice cream shop...doesnt that sound nice will definatly help brighten the rainy weather we are getting here.
  5. Can't really relate as i dont have a job...but at school, people always take my PENS!!!!!!!! it TICKS ME OFF!!
  6. a. zooropa_rockz B. profile:http://media.community.u2.com/zooropa_rockz C. Catagories 3 and 4! Peace out evrybody
  7. Zooropa is SO GREAT i LOVE THAT ALBUM it is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!
  8. In U2 by U2 they even talk about how thee Achtung Baby cover is made from little pics of awesome covers, they couldnt pick a favorite!!
  9. I know! i love rings. besides bracelets (i wear so many my wrists get a workout from wearing them!!) and necklaces (ditto with my neck) i LOVE to wear rings. for me, jewlery is just a fun way of wearing your memories. (for example, i have a wristband from Youth Explosion, a wristband from Eat'nPark that they gave me in a goodie bag for my birthday (lol i talked the waitress into giving me one evemn though they wer for kids 10 and under), and a necklace with a Gene lamp for when i was in Aladdin.) So a U2 ring would b a nice addition to my collectiuon!!
  10. [quote name='surrenders wrote: illumination70 wrote: surrenders wrote: MacFoley']i found my mojo! LOL! I lost mine! Our son graduated high school early, which is awesome considering we were a little worried early on in his high school life. We all stayed healthy. We took a real vacation for the first time in years. Illum and Zooropa_Rockz, you put me to shame, congrats on your accomplishments. Oh come now, anyone can do what I did this past year!! I couldn't do a 12k run if my life depended on it...lol Surly you could figure out my algebra homework and play a round of Beatles Trivial Pursuit!
  11. sounds like ya had a great year! have fun at thee show!
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