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  1. 47839 hey Kerttuli!! how's life treating u?
  2. 47839 sorry screwed up the counting (again)
  3. 47837- CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get me some Barbara!!!!!!!! and finally we r on at the same time yay
  4. 48681- hey all, howz life treating u? just dropping in as my account is sent to expire in 29 days...:'(((((((((((( Anywho, 2day i am meeting with some friends from school at a local ice cream shop...doesnt that sound nice will definatly help brighten the rainy weather we are getting here.
  5. ya, hope u feel better! i HATE it when they have to use that numbing (i feel NUMB!) stuff at the dentist's. YUCK! ANYWHO,Zhivvy i hope ya have fun at thee gym, see u later everyone, must now leave soooo bye!!!!!
  6. 43383 Sorry bout that Barbara. hav u tryed eBay? my cousin goes to tons of concerts and gets all his tixz off of people on eBay. and he usually gets a good price!!
  7. 43362 hi 123, thnx. and Zhiv, i see. the thingz i miss because i dont have a facebook!!!!!
  8. 43359 lol zhiv ya xplain bout the mothballs????
  9. 43341 went to dinner at the Japenese steak house wit me dad 2nite. we split some sushi; a spicy tuna roll and-Zhivvy will LOVE this!- a MANGO roll! I also had hibachi shirimp and fried rice and miso soup and ginger veggies. and, finally, for dessert-drumroll, please- mango sorbet, which waz served in half a frozzen mango!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  10. 43277 just finished watchin A Christmas Story...LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Merry Christmas, Everybody! Christ is the reason for the SEASON!!!!
  11. 43248- I'm back! anyone here?? anyone hooooooome?????
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