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  1. U2.com is currently not available on facebook in Australia. Even if I login to my U2.com account I cannot see any content on facebook. The new media legislation in Australia only applies to news organisations and should not be affecting U2.com. Someone needs to escalate and attend to this issue at the highest level asap!! U2songs.com is also unavailable so the situation for us is really dire!

  2. It's been almost 7 years since we saw U2 in Australia. Please help get them here by signing the petition! https://www.change.org/p/live-nation-and-u2-u2-tour-of-australia?recruiter=25741613&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  3. PS there is no opening act!!! The doors will open about 6pm and the band come on by 8.30
  4. GA this time is not so hard because there are so many spots on the rail available. I was in Vancouver and moved around and there were never more than 4 people in front of me and the stage. I'd also be hugely surprised if you couldn't get someone to save your spot for you both in the line and once you're inside. I've always made friends with other fans and even had a complete stranger save a spot for me down the front at a show on 360 because I couldn't get there before the gates open!! Remember this time around there are only 20,000 people in the arena (instead of the 80,000 people on the 360
  5. If anyone is really unhappy with their RZ tix for London and wants to sell one to me please feel free to get in touch!!
  6. I did RZ for a 3 shows in Australia on 360 and for first two i&e shows in Vancouver. You're completely on the money: it was the people around me who made the experience so fantastic. When started our own RZ queue outside the venue early in the day on the first day of the tour (although completely unnecessary) because many of us were caught up in the excitement of the GA line. And we had a fantastic time without the stress of the GA line, or having to sleep overnight! The only downside of being in RZ on this tour means you're not right up front at the 'e' stage where a lot of the fu
  7. I think if I had to I couldn't live without Boy, War, Unforgettable Fire... But as for the 90s
  8. I will be there! Coming from Australia. Can hardly wait!!
  9. I prefer to go alone! Always meet great people who love U2 as much as I do and I'm free to roam and scream and sing along as loudly as I like
  10. I'm doing RZ both nights Vancouver. Coming from Oz - will be the trip of a lifetime!! Hope to meet some great fans at the front.
  11. During the last show on the Aust/NZ leg of 360 tour during End of the World, Bono came down off the stage at the back where all the One and Amnesty voulunteers were. He touched hands and sang at us and it was the most magical 60 seconds ever!
  12. Happy birthday to my Mum and Bono (two of my favourite people in the world)... and the grandmother I never knew xx
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