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  1. Got my two GA SD as well! Easy to say now, but I knew it would eventually work itself out. Too much stress but it would seem most of us have found what we are looking for ;-) The rest of you: keep trying!
  2. Don't know about you all but it sure makes me feel slightly better that we are all in this together!!
  3. Also be aware others are discussing same issue on this thread: http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/31221-did-the-change-the-stage-location-in-chicago/ A recommendation that multiple folks have suggested is using Twitter to make sure the band is aware of just how many fans feel slighted by this change. While I don't want to be a whiner, some things are worth fighting for...
  4. Please all, be aware of other discussions of same issue: http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/31137-important-stage-layout-is-reversed/ I too am a very disappointed long-time fan who has described the change like this. If the Forum (L.A.) was an elephant and the main stage was the head, when I was offered the best available pre-sale seat by Ticketmaster, I was on his right cheek the first night, left cheek the next. For me, that was worth $300 each. However. when I got there, my seat was on the left ass-cheek and right the second night. If THOSE were the seats offered me I would NOT have paid
  5. I just wanted to chime in on this as well. I have been going to shows since '87 and have been a paying fanclub member ever since. I went (alone) to the Forum on the 30th & 31st and couldn't have been more disappointed. Over 12 hours of total time (mostly hold time - please no more Steely Dan or Taylor Swift!) with Ticketmaster. Today I was finally able to speak to the Loss Department of Ticketmaster and they said they have a lot of fan claims but they already had turned over the $$ to U2 so they need to get it back from them before they can refund. U2 has been responsive in the past when
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