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  1. good good points... enjoyed the periscope #U2CB with Tim.. its in, and of, the moment... very much... If anyone wants to watch previous Crystal Ballroom periscopes, search for @timneufeld on twitter and he has links to saved broadcasts on youtube.. Yes! Love that they're posted to YouTube. Trying to rewatch through periscope was so frustrating, because you can't forward through what you've already seen, and if you have to navigate away from the app for a moment, it starts over when you go back. I have no idea how you save them to post in YouTube, though. You have such an insightful interview, BW.
  2. That's interesting, Koke-dera, please do comment more about the psychological/marketing side of it. I know a bit about what you're referring to. All if these avenues to experience the shows in real time are fantastic. I so look forward to the meerkat/periscope notifications. Just imagine what technology is coming next! It is paradoxical, though, the whole idea of being "in the moment" while at the shows as Bono has said, while we need those people in the shows to use their technology to bring it to those of us who aren't there so we can be in the moment with them. The band is simultaneously promoting and expanding the use of these technologies, and encouraging fans to not use their technology so much that they miss what's happening in front of them. The fans that are periscoping are somewhat sacrificing their own experience for us on the outside
  3. Just watched the replay of Bigwave's chat on the Crystal Ballroom Periscope. I found the topic of whether people were involved in forums previous to the new technology very interesting. I haven't been active online until this tour, really. I've peeked in some, but find the forums sort of boggish and hard to navigate. But look, I'm here now, lol! I was pulled in through a Facebook page to help find tickets to the shows, then invited to another group, found the CB, and now I'm here. But I was a Prop subscriber back in the day, joined U2.com as soon as it became a thing, and was never as involved as now. Really didn't use Twitter much except to post amusing thoughts and pictures to my immediate friends. Now I use it to find more U2 content, periscopes, mixlrs, articles, etc. I guess FB and the CB are more immediate forms of social media. You don't have to search, it just pops up in your feed or as a notification. So much easier!
  4. Great article!! I've never understood how Pop could have been treated so badly. I listened to it constantly for years, I love every song. Maybe the mix of pop/electronica/dance and very heavy, dark themes was just too much for people who loved to be uplifted by U2. I found the album seductive on all sorts of levels. And honest. I almost wish the band would have defended it more instead of sort of disowning it.
  5. Here's the rest, from U2wanderer.org: I feel like a fraud But I know that I'm not I try to do my very best with everything that Ive got Which is not a lot I'm telling ya [???] Which is not a lot Trying to step, get caught And trying to not get caught With my pants down And my hands up And my hands up Any second now things are going to erupt So I run I run Into the arms Of America Don't shoot I'm an American. I kept trying to place it as a snippet from Kanye song, but I guess not
  6. Thanks, bigwave. I still can't quite figure this place out. Please forgive me!
  7. Hi all. I'm new, but old, and new again. Reborn into the zoo, lol. Never could quite get a hang of the forums, but have met many of you now on Facebook (Casey). Just peeping in.
  8. Bono - we love you and are praying for you to get back into fighting shape as quickly as is best. Please take care of yourself - no shortcuts! The tour can wait - your fans would be devastated if you were to do permanent damage just to get back out there to us. - Love from Atlanta
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