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  1. I've been in a horrible mood all day, this cheered me up a bit Thanks guys.
  2. Happy Birthday, Edge - I hope you're having a fantastic day with your family/the band! You're the most wonderful guitar player in existence, and in your honor my family and I are making a cake with the Explorer drawn in frosting on it. Will post pictures tomorrow after it's officially done Wherever you are in the world I hope your day is the best and that you continue to have an amazing year and tour. We love you so much!
  3. 24040 - My neck hurts so badly, I hate headaches like this! Oh well.
  4. 23963 - It's going to be incredibly hot this week! I can't wait for fall when everything cools off...
  5. I think I'm going to have to go with Under a Blood Red Sky, because way, way, way back when I was first introduced to U2 by my mother this was the first version of the song I heard, and I was just blown away by the sound of Larry's drums in the beginning. This version really made me think, "Wow, what a fantastic song!" I really love Rattle and Hum, too, with the speech about the revolution. That one was pretty amazing too.
  6. Coffee. Any kind of coffee. Dill Pickles Vanilla Extract Rain Dark Chocolate
  7. When I'm having any random dream and I'll walk past some place playing music and it'll be a U2 song. This has happened on several occasions. When anybody says something that sounds even remotely close to a lyric I'll start singing the song in my head. Whenever anybody says the word "edge" in conversation, like "the edge of the road" or anything, I simply HAVE to say, "He's THE Edge to you!" I get so many wierd looks on a daily basis because of this. But I can't help but express my love of Edge to the world!! When I describe my day in lyrics or in song titles. Whenever anybody says "you too" in
  8. 12615 - super tired but I got the number right!
  9. I think I would like to be the one to be waiting backstage for them after a show and pat them on the back and say 'Fantastic job tonight, guys.' Be the encouragement, I suppose!
  10. Get well soon, Bono! I wish you a fast and safe recovery, and we hope it doesn't ever happen again. <3
  11. Happy [early - it's not the 10th here yet] Birthday, Bono! 50 completely amazing years!!
  12. they shine as silver and gold (I'm on a roll with Unforgettable Fire lyrics today.)
  13. I have ALWAYS heard "some blood on my face" instead of "sunlight on my face". I even sing it like that. Oh well.
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