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  1. Hi! I am going to renew my subscription. What´s the difference between $40 and $75 option? Just the possibility to download digital tracks? Is it possible to download the concert as well? Thank you!
  2. Thank you, mich40, well explained. And do you know why received 2 emails as being RED HILL and WIRES groups? Any bug?
  3. Max, I am a Red Hill Group, where I find my presale code? It is not in my profile area. And a weird situation, hours ago I received two emails - one saying I am Red Hill Group and other saying I am Wires Group. Is it a bug? Thank you!
  4. No more available - "afg" got the tickets. Of course, same price I paid in TM. Thank you!
  5. I guess it is solved. I have to give to a person will pickup the tickets a photocopy of my photo id, TM order number and a photocopy of my credit card showing the last four digits used to buy the tickets.
  6. Hello, I have 2 GA tickets for MSG on Jun, 25. I do not live in US, how can I transfer my tickets? @bigwave @Max Tsukino May you help me? Thank you!
  7. So the new maximum is 2 tickets (not 4 like previous tours)? If I used my code to purchase 2 tickets I will not be able to use the code (or a new one) for more 2 tickets in the added shows?
  8. I can´t believe presale codes for subscribers were chosen by lottery. Is it offcially true? Or it it just a rumour?
  9. Just received the code in an email from ticketmaster! Thanks!
  10. Hi bigwave, eXperience group, not received the code yet! Could you help me, please? Thanks!
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