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  1. A precious moment introducing the U2 Live experience to my son. It is July 2005; U2's Vertigo Tour. Wow imagine 3 concert in Amsterdam. You know I'm a Dutch fan. What a treat to have these much in your little country. As all time fan heading up for as much concerts as possible, but limited to be within budget reach. Damn got way to less concert tickets for this tour. Germany 2 times; Netherlands 2 times, not even 3 times for the Netherlands! but only for 2 dates in a row; 13th and 15th of July the Amsterdam Arena; but the ideal venue the tour caravan stops by for me as Dutch fan; the less travel the more concerts. But unfortunately less budget. 13th and 15th July 2005: Fantastic concerts, however sound issues in this big hall....where are the times the good old stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam was used as the ultimate venue. Thinking back to a big gigs I have seen there. Nonetheless the pleasure to see, hear, feel and EXPERIENCE U2 was the ultimate goal and again was more than awesome. 16th July 2005: Thinking about how to get at the 3rd date concert the 16th of July. Decided to go, see to get tickets for reasonable price and from trusted source.....that´s a silly thought on the date of the concert. Moreover because I decided to take my 14 year old son with me which again makes up 2 tickets needed. Nevertheless as having a father being big fan and collector, he had been infected yet by the U2 virus for a long time and the time had come..... As expected no tickets, but decided to sit outside the Amsterdam Arena in something that looks like a corridor. Pretty near to one of the Arena entrances. The concerts starts+ wow unbelieve sound outside the Arena so much better than within. But missing the chance to be part of the incredible and ecstatic audience we hear makes us somewhat sad. Suddenly as if it was planned for us it looks like the entrance we were sitting near was not secured. No moment of hazitation and running to the entrance. Stairs up as fast as possible; seeing security personell running downstairs from the stairs of another entrance; Lucky bastards we are even no security upstairs. We succeeded to be in the Arena without tickets for this 3rd night show in Amsterdam. This was the first U2 concert for my son. Both he and I full of adrenalin due to what just happened; I bet the band must have heard us on stage at least our beating hearts. What a great, great feeling this evening has given us. And the best part of it: the looks of my son being part of this great family of outrageous fans during the gig .... as if he was drugged. Yeah right: ADRENALIN!!!
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