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  1. so you think you can dance
  2. Can you hammer out a hierarchy, maybe with a survey or two to catch people who don't read/write in the forums, to figure out the method of announcement to go with different types of content? So, maybe, for example, if there's a release date announcement or a song sample it just goes on the news page, if it's a full song or maybe the subscriber package it gets an email. That way they could be set as minimums if you don't want to spoil a surprise, and people can take their chances. At your highest level would be the things most people don't want to miss - tour announcement/ticket sales, etc. I'm
  3. Some of the Pms, emails, tweets, would have a little something, something, inside.... Like the Wonka bar with the Golden Ticket.... Creating even more excitement!!!
  4. ha ha me too, may watch it again this weekendit's kinda scary just how gud looking young Kirk is lol tumblr_mr9v7oBLcx1sy86tgo1_500.gif yes, hes really good looking its so interesting that he has Khans blood in him. Khan was such a great fighter, a class by himself.... Maybe now Kirk will be more super human than human, but use his powers to be a force for good!!
  5. todays good thing: Giant full Moons on a summers eve!!
  6. Yogi brand tea is good, especially the Ginger
  7. Water is good, I've been commanded to drink more! Then dinner and drinks later. Then....it's water again... Yep and my doctor recommended me to drink more water in order for better health. amen to that one sister! water water and more water!
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