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  1. The Wires group opened in TicketMaster in the UK at 9:00am. Still no more RZ tickets. And still no pre-sale code is needed to access the RZ part of the sale. So I expect any extra RZ tickets would have been picked up by anyone.
  2. Unless there are extra batches of RZ added in the Wires group (which we're waiting for confirmation on) then I think it is likely all gone for RZ for the Saturday Twickenham London show. Maybe a partial solution could be as follows...... If any extra dates are made available they could offer those with presale codes first access to RZ for the new dates.
  3. Mods - will a further batch of RZ tickets be available in the Wires selection of the presale?
  4. After decades of U2 membership and codes being issued, RZ tickets can get purchased by anyone without a presale code. What a joke!
  5. Yep, no password needed for the RZ - the most premium and amazing tickets end up going to touts. What a complete cock-up. I did get good seated tickets, but really wanted RZ after being in RZ at O2 London October 2015.
  6. It works with that link. But looks like they've all gone.
  7. Does not work for me either!!
  8. Pre-sale open - RZ not there.
  9. It's less than 40 minutes until the pre-sale opens in the UK, and no mention of RZ tickets on ticketmaster for London Twickenham. Also, no mention of RZ in the presale FAQs. RZ is on the venue plan for London Twickenham. What is going on?
  10. As mentioned previously, there are Croke Park Red Zone tickets on TicketMaster. I am hoping to get Twickenham Red Zone tickets and these are not listed. I really hope this is resolved before the presale opens tomorrow.
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