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    Yucca brevifolia
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    my favourite is not a single
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    Sao Paulo, Popmart
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    Sao Paulo, 360°
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    Dublin, 360°
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    All the Dalton Brothers
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    Midnight Oil, Pearl Jam, Live, James, Mumford And Sons

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  1. "Dear U2.com subscribers, For the 4th gig in Sao Paulo you are irrelevant. Thank you for your comprehension. Best regards,"
  2. 1) Cristiano Bayer Waltenberg (account name: joshua_temuh) 2) ACCOUNT ACTIVE UNTIL 26 March 2016 3) Order: 6520890
  3. Nice book! And I was wondering if people get it only by buying VIP Party or when they buy the VIP Merch (Hot Seat) too.


  6. Hello everyone, This question is specially to Michelle and mullendrums: Could you please let me know the date of postage? That's because I have moved from the place I used to live in Brazil. Now I'm in Ireland. I have already made contact with the local post office, there's nothing new there. It would arrive soon in Brazil, but customs take to long to verify everything, so I believe that it'd reach my old address in 45 to 60 days. So I could tell the post office not to return the package and have someone to get it for me there. Thanks very much!
  7. As if my unforgettable gig wasn't already full of emotions, I won one of the vinyls! Many thanks to everyone in the Zoo that made it possible, mods and manager, as well as each one that shared an unforgettable gig. Great collection of stories. Too bad that I moved to Dublin recently and didn't remember to change my address on my profile, so my copy of the LP may not reach me. Hopefully, it'll bounce down there in Brazil and then return to U2...
  8. My most recent trip to Ireland with my fiancée. Nov'14 - Jan'15
  9. Some pictures of my most recent trip to Ireland with my fiancée. Nov'14 - Jan'15
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