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  1. No savage ultrafan queue... Entry by order of ticket number. No pb to take ticket in 7/11. Japanese organisation juste come in the afternoon and enjiy the show... Kawaii!
  2. Wait and see if something organized fir Saitama concerts
  3. Same opinion! super fans' are hijacking the shows. And fans are not the good term for this people Wait and see for Tokyo... Not my first time in Japan. Not the japanese style!
  4. It's amazing what's happen in NZ for the queue! Numbers 5 days before show.. Who's this people? Can't imagine this in Japan. What's your opinion?
  5. Have to be finally at the office :-( i sell my rezone2 (side of the edge) - face value indeed
  6. Hi ! Someone found map of the Mediolanum Forum to choose area ?? Thks
  7. Need one RZ for Brussels
  8. Want 1 Red zone for amsterdam 1 or 2
  9. Want 1 red zone..... .... You have ??
  10. Sell one of my two RZ facial value
  11. sell one RZ for Paris 26th july facial value ...--> MP See u !
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