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  1. The Giant TV Screen, The Big Lemon, The Mc Phisto Yellow Sign, The Long Walk To the Stage, The River Plate Stadium with the crowd using lighters not cellphones, The Popmart Tour ´98... That Was My First Gig. The night before that magical day, the summer rain had some protagonism, (the early leds from the screen know better) listening local radio, waiting the doors opening, buying beautiful promotional stuff (t.shirts, official programme) and the later regrets for not buying little pins and the lemon! I remember the people faces when the support acts take the stage...(Babasonicos and Illya Kuriaky and The Valderramas) and finally... 21.00 pm Buenos Aires: the DJ play James Brown, The Verve and many more, that hour before the show was more intensive than the others.. 22:00 pm LIghts off, Pop Muzik ON! The rest is history... the latin american leg was one of the best of the tour and that night...was one of the best of my entire life!
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