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  1. The Giant TV Screen, The Big Lemon, The Mc Phisto Yellow Sign, The Long Walk To the Stage, The River Plate Stadium with the crowd using lighters not cellphones, The Popmart Tour ´98... That Was My First Gig. The night before that magical day, the summer rain had some protagonism, (the early leds from the screen know better) listening local radio, waiting the doors opening, buying beautiful promotional stuff (t.shirts, official programme) and the later regrets for not buying little pins and the lemon! I remember the people faces when the support acts take the stage...(Babasonicos and Illya Kuriaky and The Valderramas) and finally... 21.00 pm Buenos Aires: the DJ play James Brown, The Verve and many more, that hour before the show was more intensive than the others.. 22:00 pm LIghts off, Pop Muzik ON! The rest is history... the latin american leg was one of the best of the tour and that night...was one of the best of my entire life!
  2. When the artificial horizon was release, my issue was fixed and Barbara from U2.com take responsability over the situation, but with the u22....nothing! Picture this, I really really want to renew, the ground up looks amazing and obviously: the u$s 75 worth it, but 75 just for some pictures or news, mmm...nop.
  3. I´m tired to send messages, never received my copy of u22, nobody seems to help or at least answer the mails, and everyday i can see more and more messages from people with the same issues. so...what´s next? repeat: 40 dollars last year just for a few photos or some news? Too much, i want the renewal, but i want my u22copy first!!!
  4. too much expectations my friends, perhaps the next time it will be...
  5. 1) A NEW SINGLE? 2) or maybe a xmas RED song? 3) with less expectation: new bonus track for "the ground up" 4) lowest: u22 bonus bonus track
  6. a very good question... i´m still waiting for my u22 copy and my renew is in doubt now, but the gift it seems so atractive...please u2.com, find me a solution for the deliver issue.
  7. I´m still waiting for my copy, i send severals mails to u2.com and they promise me a date to shipping, it was 2 months ago, i send the last week another mail, but nothing...I want to be member of u2.com in the future, but the gifts for the renew become a trouble, or...worst...never appear!
  8. From Necochea, Buenos Aires Argentina...best whises for you man! Always waiting for the return...
  9. Any news from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay...? Still waiting for my U22!
  10. When Bono came down the stage, in that exact moment, with Wembley exploding in one shout, that the exact minute where U2 starts to climb up the Olympus...it´s not usual to see the big bang of a band.. exposed in front of more than 80.000 people!
  11. Yes. I want a new album. In the line of the songs: no line on the horizon or even better, a perfect mix between the experimental and always modern Achtung and the classical song collection from All that... the arrangements, the overdubs, the multiple guitar tracks...but...at last... the songs. That´s will be a perfect record for me.
  12. Power riff of The Edge from Discotheque, the super beast for live performances Mofo, the first Southamerican Shows, unforgettable and lovely era... for me!
  13. Power riff of The Edge from Discotheque, the super beast for live performances Mofo, the first Southamerican Shows, unforgettable era!
  14. we want to see... we want to hear...
  15. Mmmmm, they look the same to me, except Larry.
  16. Glastonbury Fiasco? I ´ve wachting U2 shows for the last 20 years, and Glasto...sounds incredible, looks amazing, so... what´s the point? Totally agreed with Johns88
  17. excelent. i try the mac phisto stuff...and it´s wonderfull, just select title 8...
  18. The costs for made that big idea in cd will be extremely high, but now, with all the power of the net...I can imagine a secret code mailed for every suscriptor and the chance to download the personal setlist ....
  19. The song appears in the movie a few times, but sadly it´s not included in the Original Soundtrack...
  20. 1 min:42 seg of the song (Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon) http://www.goear.com/list...h-star-studio-preview-u2 where is the full version? I can´t wait any longer for this song...
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