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  1. I hope there will be a 30th anniversary Achtung Baby tour in 2021-2022. If the second best album had one, the best deserves it too!
  2. I think it could be a release in celebration of 20th anniversary of ATYCLB.
  3. On the next E&I tour, I think they should have a mini 30 year anniversary of Rattle & Hum by playing 3 songs from the album consecutively (Desire, Angel of Harlem and this AIWIY with a snippet of She.s a mystery to me in honour of Roy Orbison who passed away also 30 years ago).. Maybe acoustical verslons from the small stage .Would be magical, no?
  4. Achtung Baby is a definite number 1. Not just my favourite u2 album but simply the best record ever The Joshua Tree is a worthy 2nd. Fabulous album with my all time favourite song on it (Streets) Atyclb for the bronze. A superb comeback after the Pop-hangover So, an album from each past decade in the top3
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