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  1. The second annual International Day of U2, September 25, is fast approaching so I thought I would give a heads up!  If you are in a tribute band or want your local theatre to play Rattle and Hum, or you want to organize a pub night or something, now's the time to start planning!  Let me know if you do host an event or hear of one and I will post the details on my blog.

    In the meantime, for more info you can check out my blog at https://insearchofrockgods.com/2018/06/23/u2-day-2018/ and/or join the Facebook Event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/507192486363449/


  2. Thanks to some excellent advice from fellow fans, I have changed the short hashtag for International Day of U2.  Please use #U2Day17 and #internationaldayofu2 when posting about your U2 celebrations on September 25.  I've updated my previous posts with the new info. One month to go! 

    Check out my blog for the details and/or join the Facebook event:



  3. So I received a lot of support last week for #internationaldayofu2,  including several great ideas to help get the day up and running.  One of those ideas was to create a FB Event page for the Day (Thank you Virginie) - so here it is below (not sure how this link will work outside of Facebook but I try :D). If it doesn't link - just search in FB for International Day of U2 in Events.  


    (I've set the date in Edmonton time, but for all the hours that it is September 25 somewhere in the world...)

    Please join and/or share the link as you wish! 

    I also added a page to my blog https://insearchofrockgods.com/idou2-events/  to list any known planned events for the day (or around the day)- I already have 2 - the U241 Celebration at The Church in Dublin, and Rattle and Hum at the Metro Theatre in Edmonton - both planned before I sent out the first post - so happy coincidences!

    Also - if you want to translate any of this post or the FB event page or blog pages into other languages, please do and send to me - I will add to all these pages.  It is an International Day after all!! 

  4. So, inspired by the U240 celebrations and yesterday's Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I'd like to declare from this day forward September 25 as the annual International Day of U2 for any and all fans around the world to join together in celebration of this band who have given us so much over the years.  I've put some thought into what this Day could look like  - check it out here https://insearchofrockgods.com/2017/08/11/i-do-u2-proposing-september-25-as-international-day-of-u2/  Hope you will join me in celebrations #U2Day17  And apologies for the massive cross-postings on here, atU2.com and social media, but I want to get the word out!  Please share!  This could be so awesome!

  5. I'd like to know some cool places to hang out in Belfast for the 2 days I will be there. Suggestions on pubs, restaurants and anything else. Of course I first need to book flights


    Belfast is a beautiful city - I recommend the black taxi tours if you are interested in the conflict and peace process.  of course there is the Titanic museum, shopping downtown, St Georges Market, Crumlin Gaol and more.  If you want to throw them all together there's the hop on hop off tours http://belfastcitysightseeing.com/hop-on-hop-off-bus-stops/they go to some of the same places as the black taxi tours, but if memory serves me correctly, the black taxi tour guides are less touristy, more lived through it...  though this could have changed since I took the tour.  


    I highly highly recommend doing a day trip out of Belfast to the Giant's causeway - this is an amazing rock formation thing on the coast.  Words can't describe - google it and go there :D

  6. I went a little crazy.. I wanted to go to Belfast got 2 tickets for 19th and 2 tickets for 28th went back and was able to get 2 for the 27th. I may end up with an extra to some of those nights.. 

    I would love one of those extra tickets for either of the dublin nights :D - especially the 28th (my birthday) if you end up with spares :D

  7. I tried so hard this morning - but couldnt get tickets for Dublin.  Boo.  I did manage one solo ticket for Belfast though, so yay - I'll still be staying in Dubs though - maybe I can find tickets between now and then.  representing Alberta Canada.  This will be the third tour I've been in Dublin but unable to find tickets for their shows!! fingers crossed.

  8. Hey all - Can't wait till 2AM this morning when tickets go on sale! For those travelling to Belfast and Dublin, just wondering where people are staying  - I'm finding it a bit difficult to wade through all the vast jumps in prices for a decent hotel or hostel in both cities - and I used to live near Dublin and visited  both places frequently so I am somewhat familiar with the areas! 



    Also wondering if anyone is planning a U2 fan get-together around the shows? or plans to explore the neighbourhoods?  Do we have any tour guides here?  Maybe someone can lead us in a tour of u2 sites in the city!



    I need more crazy U2 fans in my life!  It would be great to meet new people!



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