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  1. 16 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    Congrats on 360 posts.

    Thanks, but really I don't want my status or ranking (whatever that is) to change to something other than "Ultraviolet." ?

    Edit: Okay, it's "rank," - but Ultraviolet is such a good song - I'm going  to have to stop posting before I hit the next rank.

  2. Wow, thank you for putting this together! Some of those sound recordings of the live shows are truly amazing! I'm listening to 2018 04 20 Laval, Quebec, Canada IEM MATRIX on YouTube right now... my mind is blown. To hear them live, so clearly like this - the things we miss because of people cheering at shows - I am speechless! ?

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  3. 3 hours ago, popfly said:

    So I decided to take Sirius' advice. Rather than sit in my car for the entire day in 95 degree weather I opted to purchase a satellite radio receiver for my home. The satellite home receiver IS in sync with my car while the app is still is delayed by 2min 38 seconds. (see photo) Finally solved the lag issue.

    Crossing my fingers that this works. I woke up round 6:20am MST today and looked at the receiver and they literally were playing AOH at that exact moment. (That really is the story of my life...just missing the moment by seconds to minutes) I tried calling in several times but didn't get through. I was told at the store that I have 2 weeks to return it if it doesn't work out. ;)


    The irony of the song name on the left...


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  4. I read the article about the MRI - but it also sounds really similar to the Popmart show. Honestly, when I was in Tulsa, I thought it sounded like it was supposed to be a spaceship - and now I feel really dumb because I've had an MRI myself and didn't recognize those sounds. However, when I had my own MRI, they didn't tell me to "inhale, exhale," because they were just looking at my neck.

  5. At the risk of sounding like a fool, I'm going to go ahead and post this here.

    I was at the opening night in Tulsa and had no one else's explanations to go by at that point... but the "sounds" at the start of the Experience show reminded me of similar sounds I heard when I was at the Popmart show and the band exited from the "lemon disco ball" right before they played Discotheque. I thought those sounds were some kind of tie-in to the Popmart tour. Others have now pointed out what the Experience opening sounds actually are - but I'm curious; did anyone else think of the Popmart tour when they heard the sounds at the opening of Experience?

  6. 21 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

    The Little Things was one of the highlights when I saw them last year and is my main highlight of SOE. Not sure why they haven't included it this time round...

    Another fan of Little Things here! Bummed that I didn't get to hear it again in Tulsa.

    It seemed like when they played it during JT tour, people just weren't "into" it. Personally, I felt like it wasn't a great song to end a show with, but I absolutely love the song. Another thing... even for me, once I read the lyrics, the song took on even greater meaning for me. Hearing it live, I just couldn't catch all of the lyrics because of all the crowd noise.

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  7. Each U2 show is such a sensory overload to me! I know it sounds greedy, but I feel like I have to see each tour at least twice just to take it all in. We went to the Tulsa show, and it was amazing! Now that I've watched other people's videos of the show, I realize how much I missed - either because I was looking at one part of the arena while the action was going on in a different part - or because GA is way too close to big screen to take in the full experience (no pun intended :P ).

    I'm begging my husband to find a way to go to a second show and he just laughs at me and says "they'll be back after they finish the European dates."

    What do you all think? Will they be coming back? Personally, I think not.

  8. On 11/12/2017 at 11:04 AM, allyson2008 said:

    Yep, I'm going to go there. If ever there was a time to play it live, this is it.

    ...and it was delivered in such a VERY satisfying way!

    When they first started playing it, I thought, "Oooh, at least we're going to get a 'snippet,'" and then they KEPT GOING! At that point, I looked at my husband, who isn't really a U2 fan, and I said "This is IT! This is ACROBAT!" and he saw the tears in my eyes and put his arm around me. ? 

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  9. Some notes & thoughts about last night in Tulsa:

    We were in GA. Arrived around 5 PM and the line moved VERY slowly after they opened the doors to the arena. I'd say we got inside around 7ish. We bought some tour merchandise, drinks, etc. and we got down to the floor around 7:30. We were about 4 people away from the rail but moved back in an attempt to have a better view of the big screen.

    Don't worry if you get a wristband that's a different "side" from the other members of your group (North vs. South side). They don't split you up like 2015.

    The AR app didn't work for me -- and yes, I had the latest update installed on my phone. I think the GA area is just too close to the screen.

    Periscope was working great until they put the AR image up on the big screen, and then I couldn't broadcast anything after that. I closed all apps, rebooted my phone -- but no Periscope. Sorry! :(

    Overall, the show was amazing! Acrobat, Wild Horses, Love is Bigger... WOW! :D 

    There are several points during the show when Bono walks around and is separated from the rest of the band. At one point, they all split up and each stood on his own side of the arena. Personally, I didn't care for that -- I like to look at them all together!

    The guys all seemed to be in really good spirits. I think I saw LM Jr smile a REAL smile for the first time. ;) 

    The "Macphisto effect" was pretty cool in a super creepy way -- they had some glitches with it, but I'm sure they'll work that out.

    HMTMKMKM was really cool (even though Bono wasn't singing and it wasn't live), but it's so hard to see the screen from the floor. My neck still hurts today! :P 

    I really enjoyed the acoustic version of You're the Best Thing...

    Pages fall from the ceiling again. The two that I caught were from The Message.

    I wish I could go to another show and get the full screen effect from the seats -- but... that probably isn't likely this tour.

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