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  1. 18 minutes ago, Amrit said:

    Catchy but rather light weight effort from U2. Not really moving me in any way.

    5 out of 10. Let's hope the album is better else I can't see them coming back from this. I remember comments to the effect that they want to release their best work.

    This isn't it.

    Agree! Another attempt to appeal to the masses, IMO.
    BUT... for the past 20 years or so, this is what they've done - they release the "hits" as singles and hide the good songs on the rest of the album.


  2. Hmm... Well, I just gotta throw my 2 cents out there. 

    Sometimes the songs I like the least at first, end up being the ones I like the most, so who knows? At this point, I feel like this is the type of song meant to be a "hit" to appeal to the masses. Part of the problem is the sound quality because I cannot really hear the lyrics very well. I'm not the type of person who often listens to music just because of the sound. (However, I do like some dubstep / electronic stuff! ;) ) Especially with U2, though, the words and meaning of the song are important to me and I'm not feeling it - at least not yet.

  3. On 7/3/2017 at 7:05 PM, vertigojds said:

    They seemed to sell out of a lot of options at the end of the night; if possible, you may want to try to buy your shirt before the band comes on.

    I found this to be true as well. Also, there were shirts for AT&T Stadium and Gillette, but I didn't see anything at the Houston show.

  4. Why aren't more people talking about this song? I love it too! The only issue with it, IMO, is that they're ending the show with it and it is a very heavy song to end with. I think people would rather hear something "fun" at the end rather than something serious...

    At the Houston and Boston (Foxboro) shows, people started walking out while they were playing it. I couldn't believe people did that!

    I was reading a thread on another fan site yesterday, and there are people who think this is the band's way of telling us this is their last tour. "The end is here." I hope that's not the case!

  5. I had Red Zone in Houston and stared at their bums when they were out on "The Tree" stage. Not that it was a bad thing for me to see their bums. LOL! But personally, I think the other side would give you a better view. That is, when you're looking at the stage, the right side of the tree would be better because they tend to face that side of the audience more often.

    Also, the video screen is truly beautiful, and to fully appreciate it, I think it helps to stand back from the stage so you can see it in its entirety.

    I have seen 2 shows so far. Houston in RZ and Dallas in first level of seats, 3rd row. For GA in Boston, I'm going to try to head to the right side of the tree stage. That way I can see them up close while they're on the tree stage, and still see the full view of the main screen.

    Hope that helps.

  6. On 6/5/2017 at 2:28 PM, colby_martin said:

    Was that from Boston? Was it on a weekend? I'm trying to get to gillette at 5pm. Was thinking since it's a sunday the traffic might not be as bad? 

    We went to both of the 360 shows at Foxboro in 2009 - one was on a Sunday, the other, a Monday. Yes, traffic was terrible, even for the Sunday show. I would say 3 hours from Boston is about accurate. 

    In 2009, I lived in Wilmington, MA, which is about 40 miles north of Foxboro. The stress of feeling like I would never get to the stadium almost sent me into a panic attack. :P 

    The thing about Boston is, most of the time, there's only one main road/highway you can take to get from point A to point B. If there's an alternate route, it's probably even worse than the highway.

    It will also take you forever to get out of Foxboro after the show. It's worth it. ;) 

  7. On 6/6/2017 at 10:57 PM, therionvox said:

    Q1 : I guess there is no way to access the site by metro or whatever, so I should park the car in Gilette parking. The parking are opened early in the morning?

    Hi Céd, 

    I lived in the Boston area for 14 years and saw the 360 tour there. I'm also going to the Joshua Tree show. I'm doing GA this time, but I've never done the very early GA line.

    Driving to Gillette can be a challenge. Traffic is awful. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get there. I'm hoping to leave (we are staying in Braintree) for the show around noon - but I'll have to convince my husband. :) 

    There is plenty of parking around the stadium. During the 360 tour, other businesses near the stadium opened their lots and allowed people to park there (for a fee, of course).

    I'm sorry I can't give you advice about the GA line. Good luck and I hope you have a great time!


  8. What worked for me: I used those price range sliders at the top of your first screen shot (above the #1). I wanted GA so I limited the price range to about $70. I know this doesn't help you choose a seated section though. It's really annoying that they don't let you use the interactive seating chart to choose a section during the presale. But... it's Ticketmaster, so :P

  9. 19 minutes ago, mich40 said:


    Hi Allyson, try clearing your cookies/cache and try the mobile app if possible. I just tried on there and was able to pull up several different types of tickets.


    It worked! I feel like a dope because I didn't think of this on my own! :D Thank you!

  10. I'm trying to buy tix for Kansas City, but my presale code is only unlocking RZ and the 300 level seats. I would like to buy GA. I started trying right when they went on sale Thursday, but no luck. Are they sold out already? 

    Anyone else having issues with KC in particular? I wouldn't think that would be a difficult place to find tickets, but I have family in the area, so... sort of planning a dual-purpose trip! ;)

    Edit: Ticketmaster also isn't giving me the "interactive map" that allows you to click on a specific section. I just bought tickets to see Arcade Fire and I could use the map for those tickets. Something weird is going on.

  11. It seems to vary from venue to venue - some have "gold VIP" and "silver VIP," and some have  just "VIP."

    In Houston, there was an area near the RED zone - it was on the floor, and on the same side as the RZ, and there was an elevated platform with folding chairs. There were maybe 30-40 seats there, but I have no idea what that was. There was a security guard checking IDs to allow people in there. It wasn't part of the RZ because I had RZ tickets at Houston. I wondered if that was VIP...?

    But I guess you're saying that you just got regular seats in the lower section?

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