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  1. So, yes I did a Periscope last night. A few thoughts about that:

    It was really cool knowing that I was sharing the concert with people who couldn't be there.
    Periscoping is much more difficult than I thought. It's hard to hold the phone steady when you're really excited and you can't help tapping your feet with the music. Also, I couldn't help singing along sometimes, so I apologize for my terrible voice. Normally, I'd have been singing along the entire time, but I tried to hold back (which sucked a little bit because I love to sing). And my phone is a piece of crap. It's an iPhone 6, it's old, and the battery dies way too quickly.
    I promise I didn't block anyone's view - I was in the 1st seated section, in the 3rd row, and there was a boy in front of me who I'd guesstimate was 8 years old or so, and that made it easy for me to hold the phone at chest level without bothering anyone.
    I did watch the show, but had to glance down at the phone frequently to try to make sure I was still focused on the band.

    I will admit that Periscoping was distracting me. But being able to share the show with other fans made me feel happy, and I already saw the show in Houston, so it was kind of a trade off. Part of the reason I love U2 so much is that I love U2 fans as well. You're my kind of people! :) It was like going to church with a HUGE group of friends.
    One last thought... geez, people can be hard on you when you're broadcasting - that was the first time I ever did more than one song at a time, and I'm not too good at it, but at least I tried. Some of the comments... wow! 

  2. I think I've already said this in another thread, but it is possible to take photos and / or do a live stream without bothering anyone. Hold the phone at eye or chest level, hold your elbows in (this will give you more stability with the camera, too), tilt it upward and do your thing. I streamed part of a concert a few months ago (it's a relatively unknown band and I think they deserve more recognition, so my intention was to hopefully let others see how cool they are). No one's view was obstructed in the process. Also, I didn't stare at the phone the whole time either. I held it in place and glanced down a few times to make sure everything was still in focus.

  3. Ugh! These "smart" phones have made us do some stupid things! For example, watch people driving while they talk on their phones (or worse, texting while driving)! Sorry for the rant, but I can definitely see how that would affect someone performing. Looking into a sea of people who are staring down at their phones. I think some people need an intervention for phone addiction. I see parents ignoring their kids while the talk, text, etc. It's pretty sad. Okay, enough already, but you get the idea.

    I will have my eyes on the band (and the screen, and the whole experience in general). Hopefully, my husband will snap a few pics for me.

  4. Is it just me, or does this tour feel different from previous tours? It seems like the band isn't connecting with the audience as much as they have in the past. No dancing with fans on stage. Not as much talking between songs. For me, this makes it feel like they're kind of just "going through the motions." Almost like they want to get the show over with ASAP. Is it just me, or are there others who feel this way?

    I'm not saying I won't enjoy the show - and I'm grateful to see them performing again! It's just that something seems off and I can't completely explain what it is... They don't seem as happy or energetic either. Especially Bono. It has even made me wonder if his health is okay. 


  5. Does anyone have any parking recommendations? I've never been to NRG Stadium. From what I've read, they're not even going to open the parking lot (lots?) until 3 PM. 

    Would it best to take a cab / Uber / Lyft to get there?

    We'll be driving in from Dallas, but we were hoping to get there fairly early to wait in line.


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