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  1. Simple really they have much better songs 


    Actually, I was wondering if any of the band members have stated why they haven't played it live.


    Yes, they have better songs. They also have songs I like much less that they play at almost every show. (I really dislike "Sweetest Thing" and "Beautiful Day." ...just my opinion.)

  2. This might be common knowledge, but I don't know the answer... please don't rip me apart for not knowing!


    What is it about Acrobat - why have they never played it live?


    Personally, I don't find it difficult to sing. While I'm not a musician, the rest of the music seems very similar to "Until the End of the World."


    Have they ever explained why they don't play it live? It's a great song, IMO.

  3. I was 15.. became a lifelong fan that year. Which was to help me a lot over the next couple of years.


    Wanted to be a scientist, but hey, I ended up as a technical writer too! I think the me I was then would've approved of the me I am now.. mostly. ;-)


    "I think the me I was then would've approved of the me I am now.. mostly. ;-)" Same here! I think 19 year old me would be pretty amazed, actually. 

  4. Around the time of the tour reaching Scotland I was 24 and in hospital after being diagnosed with Crohns disease, I remember watching a documentary and news coverage about the tour while standing right in front of the only TV in the ward with the volume low so I never woke up the older patients. I was hoping to get to my first concert but instead had 3 weeks of hell and a lot of pain. A lot has changed since, and I have been lucky enough to go to most tour concerts ever since.


    Crohns is difficult - I have a cousin who has dealt with it for most of her life. I'm sorry it messed up your plans! May you continue to have good health! 

  5. You guys are making me feel very old!  :lol:

    But it's really cool to hear your stories and that you've been fans for so much of your lives!


    Yardie, you're so right - "take nothing for granted!" Indeed! :)


    That would be an epic set list! I like the idea of City being fist and the second half being strictly JT! Who knows what they have planned though. They are always full of surprises.I seriously wouldn't doubt a Trump persona though after their performance of Bullet. Bono Fired Trump!

    Kristinlynnx, I was thinking an alter ego of Trump, a persona like he created MacPhisto and modeled the character after Ronald Reagan for ZooTV.  MacPhisto was a parody of the devil.  Those songs, Even Better Than the Real Thing, God Part II, and Desire come from a voice of someone morally questionable.  Thus, my hunch on that.  Also, he preformed at iHeart Desire and used Trump soundbites to express greed.  Just a thought....start with pointing out the complacency of popular culture, political climate, into JT which questioned the humanity of that at the time and resonates today, into the end or revolt/rebellion/strength of the masses into we are One.  40 was on my original guess as the last song a definite maybe.



    I'd love to see MacPhisto make an appearance!

  7. I've been wondering about this too. I sure hope they don't only play songs from JT. I want more!  :)


    B sides would be cool. Also hoping we get to hear something from the next album...


    Bad/Ruby Tuesday/Sympathy For The Devil/Walk On The Wild Side/Norwegian Wood <-- Would be really cool!!! 

  8. A Mess....


    Behind that smiling face in my profile picture, I was also a mess. I turned 19 that year and had just finished my first year of college.


    My high school sweetheart (who I was engaged to) broke up with me after 4 years together because he got another girl pregnant. I was having panic attacks every day and night, not sleeping, and felt so very lost. The one thing that could soothe my mind: -- listening to The Joshua Tree on my Walkman.


    I many ways, I am still the same person. In other ways I am very different. I wanted to be an artist (as in drawing and painting). I became a Medical Technologist (clinical laboratory scientist) and now I'm a technical writer for software companies. I wanted to be a mother but never had any children. I thought I would stay in my small town in the midwest forever, but I left. I lived in Boston for 14 years and now I've been in Dallas for 5 years.


    At 19, I felt so much pressure to prove myself -- to figure out a plan for the future. I wish I could tell the girl in the picture to slow down and stop trying to be so perfect.


    ...and listening to The Joshua Tree (on my iPhone) still soothes my mind.

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  9. I just watched a video of Red Hill Mining Town. I started thinking about and remembering who I was in 1987...


    Who were you in 1987? How different are you now?
    Back then, who did you think you would become thirty years later? Did you become that person?
    If you could go back to 1987, what advice would you give to your younger self?


    (All this is assuming you were alive in 1987  ;) )

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    Here's my experience:
    After waiting 10 minutes for Ticketmaster to "search" for Red Zone tix in Dallas using the Google Chrome browser, I logged into Firefox and was able to purchase Red Zone tix in Houston immediately. I then purchased my Dallas tickets using Firefox too.

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