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  1. hahahaha, just got my presale email now!! *Good timing* there was pickup, post ($19), courier ($23) and one other, but I can't remember what it was.
  2. woop woop!!! Got my tickets, easy as!!! Must say, I am very impressed ticketek, much better job than ticketmaster last time! They can handle the jandle ;0)
  3. ticketek website looks like it's already overloaded! was having no issues this morning, now it is sloooowwww!
  4. i know i don't need the email but it would have been nice to get one like they promised.
  5. Tammie, if you go to here http://www.u2.com/tour/presale there are links to the ticket vendors for the presale - so just click on the link 'tickets' under your presale group for the show. On the same page it will also show your presale code...just a hint, I've copied and pasted everything I need for the links, codes etc into a word file so if for some reason I can't get onto u2.com i've got it elsewhere hope that helps
  6. You may need to call ticketek or ticketmaster to find that out Nyreeds - it sounds like it would be dependent on their policy.
  7. hmmmm, tickets go on sale at 11am - 4 hours to go and no email yet??
  8. oooo, have just seen that the tours page has been updated - yay!!
  9. I will be a bit gutted the presales aren't tiered and I don't get tickets, figured being a long time member in the horizon group it would almost be a given. Don't think this question has been asked, but I saw in the FAQ that the presale link will also be on the tour page (if for some reason I don't get my email) - is that this page: http://www.u2.com/tour/presale ?
  10. I'm assuming NZ will be the same but are presale tickets only able to be purchased online?? Or can you get them via phone as well?
  11. I agree with AussieGirl too!! Did they have presales for their Atomic tour last time to here? I missed out on presales last time even though I'd already been a paid subscriber for a year or so, was gutted as tickets were such a mission to get! Needless to say I'm glad I'm in the top group - yeehaa~!!! Last concert was a near disaster all round for me...this one is going to be sooo much better!! I wonder if it can top Zooropa? Those of who have been in the redzone - do they pack you in or is there some room to move around?? I'll be 5/6 months pregnant so I'll need a bit of room
  12. Redcloud - if you go look at the help there is an FAQ for the presale groups. I'm assuming the rules will be very similar for the NZ/AUS tour.
  13. Some of us have been members for a looong time, hence already having presale codes. Am glad about the different levels too! I have been waiting very patiently for them to come back to NZ again, didn't think it would be for a long time seeing as there was a massive gap between their Zooropa and Atomic Bomb tours~! I think I am missing something? Might go have a squiz at some other threads.
  14. Oh and another question, what's the deal with sight-lines tickets?? How do they differ from general admission?
  15. God, I hope ticketmasters webservers can handle the jandle this time round!! Sorry if I sound daft, but I've already got a 2010 presale code - is this just for the European tours? Or do we get sent another one for the NZ/AUS tour? I suppose it doesn't matter, as long as I get that magic email!
  16. YAY!!! I suppose now I'll have to figure out how to use the presale codes...I'm assuming we'll get sent an email with them? It was ridiculous trying to get tickets for them last time in NZ, the systems kept crashing and they sold out within 5 mins, even though I was 3rd in line where I was....so I'm counting on the presales this time!
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