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    Achtung Baby
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    The Fly
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    1997 Popmart Tour Werchter Belgium
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    2010 360ºTour Brussel Belgium
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    2010 360ºTour Brussel Belgium
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    The Rolling Stones
  1. U2 fever for the upcoming Belgium shows.... I go crazy tonight.....

    1. pain_18_


      Go CRAZY !!!!!

  2. Hello amigos, My name is Daan and i'm from Belgium. Glad to join you guys.. I am a fan for many years now and i saw the band 4 times now. My first cd was "War" and i was sold in a second..... True the years i still enjoy the bands music very mutch and i hope to sare some nice new things and lovely memories with you guys... See you later amigos
  3. Looking forward to see you on tour again!

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