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  1. It was either 91 or 92 when U2 announced a 13ish date INDOOR Zoo Tv tour. Tickets were by phone only and they were playing the Rosemont Horizon, now Allstate Arena outside Chicago. Myself and my aunt tried calling to get tickets. My aunt got through and I did not. She was able to purchase two tickets. Funny part was, I did not like U2 then. I had a friend that was a HUGE U2 fan and my mom worked with someone that was a huge fan as well. My mom and I thought we would give a ticket to each of them so they can go and enjoy the show. At the last minute my mom's friend could not go, so I ended up going with my friend. I didn't really care to go, but I could appreciate how hot the ticket was so I went with my friend. The first 4-6 songs were from Achtung Baby and I didn't know any of the songs. The seed however was planted bc even though I didn't know the songs, I was still captivated. As the show went on, I later knew some of the "radio" songs but was blown away by the show. What really got me was on the way home, Xrt 93.1 FM in Chicago played Achtung Baby from beginning to end. As each song was played on the radio I remembered hearing that particular song at the concert. I was hooked at this point and my life changed forever. That following week, I went out and bought every U2 album. I still say to this day, if I was on a deserted island and if I could have one album, it would be Achtung Baby. !!
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