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  1. This is the first time in 30 years that I was not able purchase GA tix. Had codes to innocence pre-sale, logged on 10 am sharp, no deal! Codes to verified fan on 20th, logged on 10am sharp, seconds later no tix! Last attempt tried buying during general public sale, logged on 10 am sharp, seconds later no tix! Of course now there are loads of tix available on Ticketmaster fan to fan sales with tix selling $250 and up for GA! Such a frickn scam, I swear, so much for this new process to avoid scalping- bullshit, there are thousands of tix available on the Ticketmaster fan to fan. This will be the first show I will have missed on 30 years. Disgusted, disappointed and straight up sad.
  2. No innocence GA’s for San Jose, tried for literally an hour! Super pist. Can’t afford $325x2! Will try my luck when they go on sale to the public I guess.
  3. Does anyone know how much the ticket prices are yet? I am in innocence group so I won’t be able to buy until tomorrow. It would be nice to have a heads up as to how much I’ll need to plan on spending.
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