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  1. LMAO. Just goes to show how out of touch Oseary and the management team are on this. If they'd just browse the many threads on here, they'd quickly find out that it did NOT work cleanly for the "majority of subscribers". What a damn joke.
  2. I was able to get a Redzone on Edge's side in Nashville. Tried to get a GA, but never could. It looked like they were available until about 15-20 minutes after onsale, but never pulled any. Also, Ticketmaster & Live Nation sucks ass. This needs to be said as often as possible. Why U2 got in bed with those corrupt assholes is a head scratcher.
  3. Except a ton of "longest term fans" didn't get a code to purchase tickets in the experience presale which means the verified fan presale didn't work the way it should have worked. When thousands of tickets show up on secondary sites then it also shows that the verified fan presale was an unmitigated disaster. It did nothing to keep scalpers from buying the tickets. Furthermore, ask the mods if they think this was the best presale ever. Then you'll have a more educated answer.
  4. I like Pearl Jam's way of doing it. You put in a request for tickets at a specific show and what section and then you either get the tickets or don't. Usually you do. You still have the public onsale to try and get tickets too. Then you have to pick up the fan club tickets at will call on the day of the show. Now you could go out on the street and sell them, but trying to unload tickets on the day of the show a couple of hours before show time usually isn't going to be a payout for a scalper. They make all their money months/weeks in advance not on the day of the show. The verified fan program is nothing but hot garbage. Ticketmaster is only excluding fans of the band. Scalpers will always get their tickets. Also, the ticket prices aren't set by the band. That is set by the promoter. The band has already made their money. It's the promoter who is inflating the costs of the tickets trying to make their money back (and then some). In this case, it's Live Nation who also owns Ticketmaster. How convenient.
  5. Are you really that daft? Ask the mods if it has only been “a couple of dozen of people” that didn’t get a code and are upset by the presales. LMAO.
  6. I wouldn't lump everyone in the same boat. The mods here went above and beyond the call of duty. Ticketmaster, Live Nation, U2.com's help staff, U2's management and anyone involved in this presale? Woof. Total incompetence on their part.
  7. What I bolded and underlined is the problem in a nutshell. Ticketmaster. Once U2 got in bed with Live Nation and Ticketmaster with their horrible verified fan program then the fans were screwed. Ticketmaster is nothing but a monopoly. They're the largest ticket distributor owned by the largest promoter (Live Nation). Both companies known for horrible customer service and incompetence. The day Ticketmaster gets some real competition and stops acting like a monopoly will be the best day for anyone who goes to live shows. The verified fan program is nothing short of a disaster since the horrible recaptcha garbage they force fed us. I only got a code because the mods here stepped in. Thank goodness for @mich40or I would've been royally screwed and what I wanted was still there yesterday. Then I just received a code via text at 12:47 CST today. If the mods hadn't stepped in, I would've gotten the table scraps because that's all that's left now. I feel for the people who never got a code or someone to help them. This has been a nightmare presale for most people involved. Not to mention the 4 hours I lost from work yesterday dealing with this hot mess. The problem with the verified fan program is that it doesn't even allow certain fans to even have the opportunity to get a ticket. That's sheer stupidity. You are shutting out your best customers which means Ticketmaster is either completely ignorant or doesn't give a damn. The scalpers will always, always be one step ahead of the game. They know who gets shut out on the verified program. So, they created multiple accounts with no buying history so they could get a code. Ticketmaster then shuts out fans who have bought a lot of tickets in the past thinking they're scalpers when in fact they are their best customers. Anytime Ticketmaster thinks they have one upped the scalpers, the scalpers are already two steps ahead of them.
  8. The U2.com phone staff are wrong. The mods are getting things done. You might as well beat your head against a wall when you call U2.com . Check with the mods. They are fixing things.
  9. I want to say thank you to mich40 for coming through and getting this rectified. At least we know the mods do care about the fans and are working for us. Hopefully, this is a learning experience and we can go back to the old ways of giving out codes to the fans who have paid for the fan club for years and spent an enormous amount of money on traveling, tickets, and hotels to see the band.
  10. I don't think I've seen a worse fan club disaster than this one today. Instead of giving their fans access to get tickets, they place them in a bogus lottery with a "chance" to get tickets after paying for a subscription with the "chance" to get a code. What complete and utter fucking bullshit. Way to screw your fans over U2. Bravo!
  11. Speak for yourself. A lot of us haven't even gotten the code and the presales have already started. I've been in the fan club for years and this is by far the worse one ever. I can see not getting the seat you want, but not even getting a code for the chance to get a ticket is pathetic.
  12. Yes, I miss those days. Now they're in bed with Live Nation and Ticketmaster (one and the same) and they're screwing over their fans that have been going to their shows for years. Just complete and utter incompetence. Whoever was in charge of this completely dropped the ball.
  13. Hey, be lucky you even had the chance to get tickets. Some of us didn't even get a damn code when the presale has already started. Complete bullshit.
  14. Where do we go to request a refund for the fanclub that we paid for twice to get a code and didn't receive one? What a total and complete clusterfuck this presale was.
  15. We pay for a membership to get a code. Anyone who doesn't get a code should get a refund. It's ridiculous how screwed up this presale has been. I've been doing these presales with the band for a long time and always gotten a code. Today, they have screwed over some long time fans. I won't forget.
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